20 Minute HIIT Workout Video… Burn Fat & Boost Your Fitness

20 Minute HIIT Workout VideoI am delighted to announce my new (and FREE) 20 minute HIIT workout video for you to follow along to! This new exercise video is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout which I have designed to help accelerate your fitness and burn off unwanted body fat. The whole workout is just 20 minutes long, so perfect […]


No More Saggy Arms! Tone Up Your Upper Body in 20 Mins

Introducing My New 20 Minute ‘Follow Along’ Upper Body Workout VideoIn my previous posts (my 20 minute Core Workout and Lower Body Workout videos), I introduced the concept of training different body parts on different days. This is a great way of conditioning your core and leg muscles within their own workouts, which is a training system called a ‘split […]

Danny Wallis Personal Trainer Myfitnesspal ebook guide

Introducing Your FREE Myfitnesspal eBook Guide

Introducing my new eBook ‘A Beginners Smartphone Guide to Using Myfitnesspal’Your FREE Myfitnesspal ebook guide is packed full of helpful visual tutorials to help you understand how to get the best out of Myfitnesspal’s key features, such as; – No more guessing on the amount of calories you should be eating to lose weight– Reduce or even stop eating emotionally– Create […]


LOSE IT FOR LIFE – My Personal Weight Loss Story

2018 saw the launch of my brand new 6 week weight loss course entitled the LOSE IT FOR LIFE Programme. There have been many amazing success stories which my course participants and I are all incredibly proud of. The unique, habit-centric approach has helped provide all delegates with a variety of tools to ensure long term success… Success which has […]


LOSE IT FOR LIFE: Body Transformation Programme FAQs

LOSE IT FOR LIFE: Body Transformation Programme is a brand new course I created in January 2018 to show people simple, yet effective steps to reduce body fat. I created this post to help those who maybe interested in joining the LOSE IT FOR LIFE programme to understand exactly what it’s about and answer any questions you may have about […]

Flyboarding adventure dannywallispt

Flyboarding & Wakeboarding: My Latest Adventure

I wanted to share my most recent flyboarding and wakeboarding experience with you in light of my previous post ‘Stay Motivated: 5 Ways to Vary Your Workout Routine’. I figured, after publishing a post about trying new ways of working out and physically challenging yourself, it’s only fitting I should document my new and challenging experience. For me, Flyboarding and […]


Stay Motivated: 5 Ways to Vary Your Workout Routine

To stay motivated with your fitness over a long period of time means ensuring you vary your workouts from time to time. Keeping things varied and interesting stops you from getting bored, and seeing your workouts as a chore. In addition, varying your exercise may also shock your body into actually achieving something new. That is after all, how developmental exercise […]