About Me

Hello, I'm Danny. I am a Fitness Professional with 20 years of experience based in South East London. 

My Story

I got into exercising at a young age with my dad as he used to lift weights at home.  My first visit to a gym aged fifteen was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my teenage years.  It was a small, backstreet weights gym (as they tended to be back in the early 90's).  The weights were old and the equipment well worn, but the place had a certain electric energy to it. For me as a boy I found the atmosphere both nerve racking and empowering at the same time.  Immediately I was hooked.  Right then I knew I wanted to train people and that would become my path. 

After leaving school and attending college for two years I got qualified as a fitness coach and started working in health clubs.  At one stage I worked two jobs simultaneously as I loved coaching that much. 

Following My Dream

I knew I wanted my own facility and consequently worked my way up the management route in the private sector to learn the business and understand as much as I could about running a gym. After five years I took the plunge and left full time employment to work as a freelance trainer in September 2003. 

As my job had become management based I had no current clients at the time and had to start my new business from scratch.  It was tough at first.  My mum had passed away from cancer and my younger brother and I lived alone. The fitness industry typically pays badly when you are in am employed position and money was very tight. Shortly after leaving full time employment I picked up my first client and began earning around £30 a week.  It was incredibly tough and although at times I had my doubts, I knew in my heart I would make it work. And I did. 

The Present Day

Fast forward to today and I am the co owner of a highly successful one to one personal training business.  We have a lovely studio and a local reputation which I am extremely very proud of.  I have a waiting list of potential clients wanting to book sessions as my diary is constantly at capacity. I am thrilled and humbled to say that the vast majority of clients who started seeing me when I first started out are still regular clients of mine today. 

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My Love For My Work

Personal training for me isn't simply exercise instruction. If I approached my work in that way, the passion that drives me two decades on probably would have been lost years ago.

For me the love of my work comes from building relationships, empathising  with my clients and helping solve their problems.  I am extremely fortunate to be able to make a living out of something I love so much. As I have grown in experience I now want to broaden my horizons in new way of being able to connect with people and be able to help influence positive change in their lives to. 

Moving Forward

My blog is the beginning of that new journey for me. What better way to connect with new people than the internet? I am pouring my twenty years of experience, knowledge and skill into my blog posts in order to help you on your own fitness journey. I truly hope that my content helps you and adds true value to your own personal story. 

Danny Wallis Personal Trainer

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My Passions


I love listening to and learning about people. I find human psychology and what drives us as individuals fascinating. As an N.L.P (Neuro-linguistic Programming) coach I use certain psychological tools to help facilitate changes in my client’s thinking.  This means addressing their behaviours and ultimately their actions away from our 1-2-1 training sessions. The end result is my clients achieve something new and exciting on a regular basis and not just when at my studio.

What is N.L.P?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.  It was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s.

N.L.P is essentially a system of understanding what makes people 'tick'.  Using mind-set tools the coach can then help the individual overcome fears, phobias and can help re-wire their thinking and behavioural patterns to achieve new goals and objectives. 

Is N.L.P Safe? 

Of course! N.L.P coaching is simply a conversation between the client and the coach.  The training we go through as N.L.P coaches allows us to understand the right questions to ask and the correct way to help determine and address someones problem or psychological barrier. 

Sports Therapy

In addition I use sports massage therapy techniques to help correct and manage any long term chronic injuries which my client’s may present. This could be in the form of physical manipulation of an injured area, or through coaching techniques using tools such as foam rollers or trigger point balls. 

I cover these techniques in my blog posts to help people manage their own aches pains and problems such as chronic back pain

My Phylosophy


My philosophy is fairly simple. Maintaining a fit, healthy body is about making the right choices and moderation. As we get older, our bodies change. Our joints tend to stiffen up and our desire to leap out of bed in the morning sometimes becomes less than we were much younger.

Maintaining a fully functional, well oiled, high energy body is really what I’m all about. Training shouldn’t be just about losing weight and building muscle to look good, but more about freeing the body up to move better, feel better and improve your quality of life.

My unique holistic approach involves using a combination of three key skills. Sports therapy to manage my clients aches and pains. My knowledge of fitness and conditioning to physically train people toward their goals. N.L.P coaching keeps my clients motivated, focused and in a positive mind-set. 


My Blog & Online Content

Through my blog posts my objective is to help provide tried and tested solutions to properly balance your nutrition, exercise and mind-set objectives to keep you successfully moving forward without feeling overwhelmed or obsessive about things. To help you find the right choices to keep you on your desired path.

In 20 years I have built a wealth of knowledge and experiences and would love to share my expertise online with other people to help them on their own personal journeys.

Being in the fitness industry for two decades comes from a love of helping, coaching and building relationships with people. Having a passion for creative media I first started writing a fitness blog to help advise my friends and clients.  

As people often asked me advice on similar  topics, I thought it would be a nice idea to put information online which people could then refer to whenever they wanted to. 

Since then I have launched the dannywallisPT brand on Facebook, Instagram and most recently, YouTube.  I'm looking forward to a future of creating new and exciting content to help inspire and motivate people towards their own individual fitness and lifestyle goals. 

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What They Are Saying

Client Testimonials

Brilliant Session

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for a brilliant session today. It was just what I needed and my body feels so much better now.

I didn't feel that great (i.e flexible) this morning and it is simply fantastic and priceless to have a personal trainer like you who are so diverse and so good at his job. Thank you Danny”! 

Tina Tage

Strongly Recommend

“If you fancy some personal training you won't find better than Danny. Strongly recommended to anyone who wants to get fit, but also understand their own fitness really well and fitness potential. Excellent”!

Beth Budden

Amazing Impact

“Danny has had an amazing impact on my approach to training and my view of what is achievable. I have been particularly impressed by the professionalism and commitment he has put into understanding my goals and what motivates me to exercise.

The Adappt approach is refreshingly different from that of the big commercial health and fitness centre's with an emphasis on the needs of the client and a real integrity regarding results and feedback.

I still can’t believe the progress I have made in only 1 year. I thought my skiing career may have to be curtailed. However Danny has dealt with my knee problem and helped me attain my ‘best ever’ level of fitness. My only wish is that I discovered Adappt 5 years ago. Thank you – really appreciated”. 

Ian Woolford

Thank You Danny

“Just a short note to thank you Danny for your contribution to my Duathlon and Triathlon 2011 racing season successes.  It had appeared that my performances were steadily deteriorating and I was adjusting to racing with increasing back pain, and slower times.  I have now had my best season for some time after 2 years of following your core stability classes and general advice on training.

This year (2011) has resulted in me becoming AGE GROUP (65-69) English Champion, and representing GB to become European Champion, and 6th in World Championship.  Your motivation, specific advice, knowledge and overall enthusiasm has reinvigorated my approach.  I can’t wait for 2012”!  

Vernon Thomas

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