Personal Trainer & Habit Coach with 25 Years Experience

Who is Danny Wallis?

Hi, I'm Danny. I am a Personal Trainer & Habit Coach based near Blackheath in South East London. 

I have over twenty five years of experience in Personal Training and Habit / Wellness Coaching.  I now specialise in helping people over 40 lose weight, reduce muscular aches and pains and help my clients learn to feel happier and more body confident. 

I am a very empathetic and results driven coach. I will help you stay accountable and will consistently move you forward toward your goals while working around the challenges that everyday life may bring.

Introducing Habit Coaching

What is Habit Coaching? 

As a personal trainer helping people to lose weight and adhere to new lifestyle habits, it can be challenging to have proper conversations with clients about their ongoing progress while they are trying to work out at the same time.  

Wellness Coaching sessions allow us to create specific action plans around your goals and discuss your weekly progress without the distraction of you doing exercise at the same time. This way you become more focused, disciplined and motivated towards your food and lifestyle related goals. 

I will provide you with tools, new habit suggestions, and accountability to help you maintain your new nutrition and exercise related lifestyle objectives. Check out my homepage for my Habit Coaching package bundle deals

Why Choose Me as Your New Trainer & Habit Coach?

The fitness industry is a busy place and there are lots of personal trainers you could get help and advice from.  So why should you choose me to help you?

My superpower is the ability to listen & emphasise 

I have spent the last 25 years listening, empathising and understanding the needs of the people I work with. 

 I have become an expert at providing solutions to not just the physical side of my client’s goals but their emotional needs too.

From reducing backache to building confidence, I have got you covered.

I'm honest, open & genuinely want to help you

Ever since I was a teenager I have had a passion for coaching, mentoring and developing individuals who have asked for my help.  

Working in fitness is tough. Long days, early mornings... It's a high energy job.  For me, the reward after 25 years in the business is seeing the happiness positive change brings to my clients lives.

I will help you work smart, not hard

I will help you work smart, not hard – I’m not all about the grind – exhausting your body on one hand but ignoring your nutritional and therapeutic needs on the other – not smart.
Instead, we will take an intelligent approach to your training needs. To focus on specifically what it is you need to do to achieve the best results possible and to maintain consistency.

Sports Therapy

I can help you relieve common back, knee & shoulder pain

Habit Coaching

Reduce fat by addressing your food and lifestyle related habits

Post Natal Exercise

Get your body in great shape after having your baby

Tone & Condition Your Muscles

Fun, varied personal training workouts and personalised exercise plans

Where I'm Based & How to Find Me

1-2-1 Exclusive Studio Based Workouts

If you have reached a stage in your life where you want to get rid of the daily aches and pains and want to feel better about your body, I am here to help.   

Many of my clients don't like the idea of exercising in busy commercial gyms, surrounded by intimidating muscle men and prefer a private space.

My studio 'ADAPPT Personal Training Solutions' near Blackheath offers a vast 11,00 square foot fully equipped studio for you to workout in with me exclusively. 

How to Get Started With My Services

Book a FREE Consultation To Start Your Fitness Journey

To get you started, I'd like to get to know you and learn what you would like to achieve. For me to offer you my bespoke personalised service, it's crucial I have a clear understanding of your goals before we start working together. 

It's also very important to me that you are happy and confident in moving forward before you pay for anything.  

I offer a free consultation (one hour) either at my studio, via phone or video call where we can get acquainted and chat informally about what you are looking to achieve and how I may be able to help. 

If you think the experience feels right and you want to pursue, you may book some sessions with me and get started.  If you want to shop around or meet other trainers, you are more than welcome to and under no obligation.   

Feel free to reach out for a chat!

Do You Have a Question? 

I know that hiring a 1-2-1 coach can be a daunting thing and you may have questions you may need help with before making your decision to hire someone. 

I will be more than happy to chat with your via text, email or a good old fashioned chat on the phone or video call to help put your mind at ease and to answer any questions you may have. 

If you are interested in one to one training, setting up a custom workout via my exclusive app or getting started with wellness coaching, I will be delighted to book you in for a consultation to assess your goals and help create you a plan moving forward. 

Feel free to leave me a message and I will come back to you within 24 hours to help you. 

Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about me.  Perhaps in the future I may be able to find out a little more about you and help you along on your own fitness journey. 

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