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20 Minute Follow Along Core Workout Video: Build Stronger Abdominal Muscles at Home

By Danny Wallis Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach

August 12, 2020

Introducing My 20 Minute Follow Along Core Workout Video

In my previous post, I introduced my '20 Minute at Home Lower Body Workout' video. I also mentioned in the post, the video was to become the first part of a series which would help you break your weekly home workouts down into a split routine, showing you how to work different body parts on different days of the week.

As promised, I am delighted to introduce my latest instalment to the series! This free offering is a 20 minute, follow along core workout which you can do at home without the need for any equipment.  As before, I talk you through a warm up, offer coaching and instructions on all the exercises before guiding you through a stretch at the end. All inside 20 minutes!

I designed the workout to help strengthen all the major muscles in your core. This means improved back strength, better posture and a more toned, tighter mid-section. 

Additional Free Resources 

If you like the video do also check out my 20 Minute Total Body Workout too! It's proved incredibly popular as a quick yet effective all round total body blast!

In addition to my website, you can also find all my videos on my ever growing YouTube Channel. If you like my videos please support the channel by hitting the red Subscribe button, tick the little notification bell for future updates on when I release new content and press the LIKE button.  If you have family and friends who you think will appreciate my videos, please do share them around too.  I want to help as many people as possible. 

I hope you enjoy my 20 Minute Core Workout Video, if you have any feedback or would like to ask me a question, please leave me a comment in the comment section below.  

My next post will be my 20 Minute Upper Body Workout to complement the series.  I hope you enjoy!

About the author

Danny Wallis is a Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, NLP Life Coach and Nutrition Advisor, with over 20 years experience in helping people achieve their goals.

Danny Wallis

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