I Specialise in Helping The Over 40's Feel Energised, Fitter & More Body Confident

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1-2-1 Personal Training in My Private SE12 Studio

Studio Based Personal Training

The first step to getting started with Personal Training is to contact me for a consultation. I offer a FREE one hour session to help get to know each other, understand your goals and help create a plan. Visit my About Me page to learn more about the type of personal training I specialise in. 

Secondly, if you would like to move forward with sessions, I then use our first session as an assessment to begin to learn how your body moves, as to ascertain your fitness levels.  It's a fairly gentle workout at this stage as I'm still learning about you. 

Moving forward I suggest my clients train weekly where I will offer you your own individual time slot to help you create the habit.  I ensure every workout is varied, interesting and fun.

I have a unique, exclusive and very large 11,00 square foot open plan studio in SE12 where you can work-out away from the feeling of intimidation and business of local gyms. 

Train in the comfort of your own home

1-2-1 Online Based Personal Training

If you have a very busy life, little time for yourself and want to feel better about your body, I am here to help.   

Many of my clients either don't live locally or now work from home and don't have the time to travel to me for a workout. For situations like these, online based personal training sessions are available where I can coach you through personalised 1-2-1 workouts via a video call on any of the major platforms. 

Personal training online is also a more affordable way of hiring me as your personal trainer. For more details scroll down the page to my Online Coaching Package bundle prices.   

The Benefits of Personal Training

Increase Confidence

I can offer you specific exercise and nutrition advice which will make your body leaner, healthier and slimmer leaving you feeling a heightened sense of confidence.

Increase Your Energy

Eating healthier and a following a specific training programme will help boost weight loss, health, energy, well being and improve the quality of your skin. I can show you how.  

Change Your Body Shape

Tone up, lose weight and increase muscle tone.  Get back into the favourite pair of jeans you haven't worn for a while and feel happy in your body. 

Improve Posture & Health

Improved posture, strength, increased flexibility and a stronger core will allow your body to move better, be able to do more and leave you feeling lighter.   

Change Your Habits to Change Your Body

Habit Coaching 

There are 168 hours in a week. One workout with me isn't realistically enough to help you achieve your goals. What you do in the remaining 167 hours is much more important, and consistency is always key in terms of positive change. 

Habit Coaching offers weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions away from the gym where we focus on your lifestyle related behaviours and habits. 

I provide coaching, support, motivation and accountability tools to help you. Together, we will help you create better food, movement and lifestyle related habits to help you lose weight, have more energy and improve your health. 

As with all my services, I offer a FREE initial one hour consultation to help you determine a plan moving forward and for you to get a feel if I may be the right coach for you. 

The Benefits of Habit Coaching

Stay Consistently Motivated

Wellness Coaching offers you a much deeper insight as to 'why' you want to change your body.  Weekly support and encouragement then keep you accountable. 

Losing Weight Becomes Easier

Weight loss is around 80% nutrition and food related habits. Lose weight from subtly changing behaviours and habits with food instead of dieting. 

Support & Encouragement

Changing your body is hard.  With Wellness Coaching you have weekly access to a professional coach to help guide, help, support and encourage you.  

Flexible & Easy

I offer Wellness Coaching via video call, so you don't even need to leave the house. Easily manage sessions into your busy week with no need to travel.   

Personalised Exercise Plans To Suit Your Goals

Bespoke Online Coaching Plans

Using my exclusive Personal Training app, I am able to create you extremely easy to follow workouts and coaching tools to help you achieve your goals. 

My workouts come with high definition demonstration videos to help you ensure you always know what to do. I can also provide you with adherence tools so we can measure the progress of the lifestyle and habit related objectives I set for you. 

Everything you complete within the app is recorded in real time, which means as your coach, I can check in with your progress anytime.  

An online plan is an excellent complement to both Personal Training and my Habit Coaching services. Scroll down the page to the prices section to check out my various package bundles deals that I offer.  

The Benefits of an Online Coaching Plan

Enjoy Exercise

Having your own personalised plan, completely tailored to your needs will help you feel more confident, happier and more likely to build the habit of exercise. 

Stay Accountable

People often hire a trainer because they like the idea of a professional overseeing them.  I can see the results of your tracked progress to help keep you focused.  

No More Guess Work

You no longer have to be left wondering if your workouts are correct. With bespoke workouts and video demonstrations, working out is now stress free and easy. 

Build Motivation

Motivation comes from seeing the results earned by discipline. Working 1-2-1 with me consistently will have you begin changing your body shape in a matter of weeks. 


What my clients are saying...

(Facebook Reviews Rating)

"Danny your 1-2-1 sessions always make me feel better! I really look forward to it each week.  You always deliver such great workouts, it's loads of fun & you're such a fantastic coach. Thank you!" 

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Maggie Jones // 50

"Did my first morning session with Danny and what a great way to start the day! Amazing workout with great exercises which he makes fun despite the challenge! Can't wait for next weeks session." 

1-2-1 Personal Trining Client

Janice Renowden // 56

"Danny has been my personal trainer for over 2 decades and is a brilliant guy. He has helped me so much over the years and hopefully will continue to do so for many more to come.

 I would highly recommend his services!"

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Maria Perfect // 35

"I always believed my days of wearing a bikini on holiday were over after having two kids thirty years ago.  This year I finally had the courage to put one on again.  Thank you Danny, I am so pleased you were able to prove me wrong!"

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Sandra Davies // 65

"I never thought I would ever get rid of my tummy overhang that I got after having kids.  Danny showed me how to lose weight through better food habits and the right exercises to do and now my tummy looks so much better! Thanks Dan!"

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Janice Mitchell // 39

"I've never been into the gym so Danny's private studio is perfect. He set me up workouts to do at home with new food habits and checks in with me every week. I've now lost the belly and got some muscle! Amazing!!"

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Sally Evans // 45

Where I'm Based & How to Contact Me


ADAPPT Personal Training Solutions

Lee, London

SE12 8SS

Contact Details

Email: info@dannywallispt.com

Mobile: 07956531818

Map to Find My Studio:

PAYG Prices For Personal Training & Habit Coaching 

Pay As You Go

Personal Training & Habit Coaching

£60 per one hr session

  • FREE 1 hour initial consultation
  • Ideal for occasional reassessments
  • Book sessions when it suits you
  • Flexibility & freedom
  • Drop in and drop out system 

Pay As You Go Block Bookings

Personal Training & Habit Coaching

£440  per 8 x sessions

  • FREE Initial 1 hour consultation
  • Your own weekly slot, guaranteed
  • Save £40 with each purchase 
  • Only pay for the sessions you use
  • Exclusive, studio based sessions

Online Coaching Package Bundle Prices 

Online 1-2-1 Coaching + Online Custom Plan Bundle

GOLD Online Coaching Package

Gold Package Features:

  • FREE 1 hour initial consultation
  • 4 consecutive weeks in duration
  • 4 x Habit Coaching Sessions OR 4 x Personal Training sessions (online only - 1 x per week)
  • Personalised online coaching plan & tools via my exclusive coaching app
  • Develop new healthy habits with professional coaching & support  
  • £40 saving compared to PAYG block booking price plus FREE Custom Plan

£180 for a consecutive 4 week block

Habit Coaching + Personal Training + Online Custom Plan Bundle

Platinum Online Coaching Package

Platinum Package Features: 

  • FREE Initial 1 hour consultation
  • 4 consecutive weeks in duration
  • 4 x Habit Coaching sessions AND 4 x Personal Training sessions (online only - 1 x each type per week)
  • Personalised online coaching plan & tools via my exclusive coaching app
  • Develop new healthy habits with professional coaching & support  
  • £120 Saving compared to PAYG Block Booking Price plus FREE Custom Plan

£320  per consecutive 4 week block

YES! I would like to book my FREE Consultation

Leave us your details in our contact box and we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your message to arrange your FREE consultation & to help you get started in creating your new health & fitness plan.  

If you prefer us to call or text you, please leave your phone number in the message box area.

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