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About Us

Who is Danny Wallis?

Danny is a versatile Fitness Coach & Sports Therapist with over two decades of coaching women 1-2-1 and in groups to help them regain their body confidence after having kids. 

He specialises in weight loss & conditioning, nutrition coaching through behavioural change and post natal core exercises to help you regain your flat tummy after childbirth. 

1-2-1 Personal Training 

Stay accountable with personalised 1-2-1 training sessions 

If you feel like you have plateaued, or are just starting out on your fitness journey and feel lost as to what to do first, I am here to help.  

I can train you either online in the comfort of your own home, or you can visit me at my exclusive studio 'ADAPPT Personal Training Solutions' based in Lee, South East London. 

Exclusive 1-2-1 Coaching Studio

Feel looked after & comfortable in our private gym

My studio is a 1,100 square foot 1-2-1 training space for you to exercise in with me coaching you.  No prying eyes, no need to feel embarrassed or awkward like in commercial gyms. I will be waiting for you at the door and will offer you 100% of my attention during your session to help keep you motivated & focused.

Danny Wallis Personal Training Studio Near Blackheath, London


What my clients are saying...

(Facebook Reviews Rating)

"Danny your online fitness classes have been a ray of light through this year, I really look forward to everyone of them.  You always deliver such great workouts, loads of fun & you're such a fantastic coach." 

Online Boot Camp Class Client

Sean Buckley // 50

"Did my first morning class with Danny and what a great way to start the week. Amazing workout with great exercises which he makes fun despite the challenge! Can't wait for next weeks class." 

Online Boot Camp Class Client

Janice Renowden // 56

"Danny has been my personal trainer for over 2 decades and is a brilliant guy. He has helped me so much over the years and hopefully will continue to do so for many more to come.

 I would highly recommend his services! "

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Maria Perfect // 35

"Danny has been online coaching me  online now for 6 months via his app & weekly check ins. He is amazing and soo reliable and keeps me accountable without being a taskmaster.  In six months I've lost 2 1/2 stone so far. Thank you!!"

Online Fitness Coaching Client

Sandra Davies // 42

"I've been looking for something physical to do while on lockdown and Danny's class is perfect. Its fun, only 45 minutes, works the whole body and is the best class I have found online so far.  Can't recommend enough!"

Online Boot Camp Class Client

Jane Mitchell // 28

"I've never been into the gym so Danny's online coaching is perfect. He set me up workouts to do at home with new food habits and checks in with me every week. I've now lost the belly and got some muscle! Amazing!!"

Online Fitness Coaching Client

Jane Mitchell // 28

Let's get you feeling better

Fitness comes with many benefits and having a coach there to help you  can guarantee your success within your fitness journey. 

I will teach you how to properly balance your nutrition so you can eat the foods you like while still losing weight. I will teach you that exercising everyday isn't the right way to go and the importance of rest, sleep and recovery. 

I will coach you to build better habits within your lifestyle to learn a better relationship with food and offer you accountability tools to help keep you focused and on track. 

Increase Confidence

I can offer you specific exercise and nutrition advice which will make your body leaner, healthier and slimmer leaving you feeling a heightened sense of confidence.

Change Your Body Shape

Tone up, lose weight and increase muscle tone.  Get back into the favourite pair of jeans you haven't worn for a while and feel happy in your body. 

Increase Your Energy

Eating healthier and specific training methods will boost weight loss, health, energy, well being and improve the quality of your skin. I can show you how.  

Feel More Youthful

Improved posture, total body strength, increased flexibility and a stronger core will allow your body to move better, be able to do more and leave you feeling younger and more capable.  


Free workouts, advice & support

My blog is a free resource full of helpful tips, advice and exercise ideas to help keep you focused and on track. 

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Why choose me as your new fitness coach?

The fitness industry is a busy place and there are lots of trainers you could get help and advice from.  So why should you choose me to help you?

I’m down to earth and understand the needs of ‘real’ people

I have spent the last 20 years listening, empathising and understanding the needs of the people I work with.  I have become an expert at providing solutions to not just the physical side of my client’s goals but their emotional needs too. From reducing backache to building confidence, I have got you covered.

I genuinely want to help you

Ever since I was a teenager I have had a passion for coaching, mentoring and developing individuals who have asked for my help.  I began online coaching as a means of helping more people than I could physically see in a day.  If you have plateaued, just starting out or aren’t sure how to move forward with your goals, I would love to help you too.

I will help you work smart, not hard

I will help you work smart, not hard – I’m not all about the grind – exhausting your body on one hand but ignoring your nutritional and therapeutic needs on the other – not smart.  Instead, we will take an intelligent approach to your training needs. To focus on specifically what it is you need to do to achieve the best results possible and to maintain consistency.

I have qualifications and 20 years experience in ante and post-natal exercise, boxing training, kick-boxercise, core conditioning, strength training, weight loss, rehabilitation, sports specific exercise and more.

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