Total Body Training Online Class Membership Terms & Conditions

Medical Considerations:

  • Prior to your first dannywallisPT online fitness class, you are required to complete a health questionnaire, which will be retained safely and securely by dannywallisPT.  It is your responsibility to be honest with your medical information and, if you have any specific medical conditions, to make dannywallisPT aware.
  • Once completed, it your responsibility to tell dannywallisPT of any new ailment, injury or disease that may affect your ability to exercise.
  • Whilst dannywallisPT is responsible towards delivering a safe and effective class, the final medical responsibility as to whether it is safe for you to exercise rests with you, your GP, physician, clinician or specialist.
  • dannywallisPT reserves the right to halt your sessions if your medical condition changes and a doctor’s letter or certificate may be needed to prove it is safe for you to return to exercise.

General Membership Considerations:

  • Classes start and finish at the times published. If you are running late you will not be able to receive the full class duration and may risk losing access to the class.
  • dannywallisPT may contact you directly if there is a change to the scheduled classes or any other issues arise which may compromise the class timetable.
  • In the event of ill health, please refer to the medical considerations above.
  • Your subscription fee covers a monthly block of consecutive sessions as advertised.  It is your responsibility to attend the sessions and lack of attendance will not result in a refund or any kind of compensation. 
  • You may cancel your membership anytime.  If you choose to, please contact us to inform us of your decision.  Class access for the bill payer and the bill payers household will cease immediately upon cancellation of your membership.  
  • In the event of ill health, please refer to the medical considerations above.
  • The price of membership is per household only. You can-not transfer your class access codes to any other person. Membership must only be used by the person(s) who have registered and live at the same address as the bill payer.  
  • Under 16's are not permitted to join in the classes as they are not covered by our public liability insurance. Failure to adhere to this rule automatically leaves you (the client) completely responsible and accountable for the well being and safety of the children within your household. 
  • Any promotional offers are subject to change and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • In the event of an instructor not being available to teach due to sickness or holiday there may be times when scheduled classes may be to be cancelled. In the event of such circumstances, refunds or any kind of compensation will not be available.
  • dannywallisPT reserves the right to cancel the membership of any person and their access to our online classes with immediate effect.  


  • dannywallisPT takes your right to privacy seriously.
  • dannywallisPT will not pass your medical information on to a 3rd party unless there is a medical emergency and the information you provided us is vital to your treatment.
  • dannywallisPT will not pass on/sell your personal information onto any other company

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