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Online Group Training Classes: FAQ’s

By Danny Wallis Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach

September 21, 2021

Introducing my Online Group Training Fitness Classes

During the lockdown of 2020, I introduced Online Group Training classes to my business. The classes were extremely well received and I love teaching them so much I have decided now to keep them on as a permanent fixture within my list of services. 

If you are considering joining the classes and would like to know more, I have created this list of frequently asked questions to help you feel more comfortable with the service and how it works. 

The Online Group Training FAQ's

What is Online Group Training?

Online Group Training is essentially live workouts via Zoom that lots of people can all join in with at the same time from their own locations.  If you imagine an internet based business meeting, but instead of a corporate meeting, it's a fun, high energy class with me as the coach explaining, demonstrating and coaching you through what to do.


How Does Online Group Training Work?

It's very simple. Anyone that would like to join is entitled to a free trial class to try it out. You can do this by simply completing the Group Training registration form. I will then get in touch to introduce myself and to send you the Zoom link. 

When you would like to take part in the class, you simply press the link a few minutes before the class is about to begin to start to gain access. You must have the Zoom app installed on your device, but it's a free app and no additional costs are required. 

Once you decide what membership you would like (Early Bird is mornings only, Night Owl is evenings only and Elite All Access unlocks all classes) you have the freedom to come and go the the classes you have signed up for as you wish. 


Do I Need Any Equipment For The Fitness Classes?

You will obviously need a device to view the classes on.   A bigger screen offers better engagement, so a laptop or iPad is best, but your phone is also fine. 

In terms of exercise equipment, you don't need anything at all. I teach exercises that will tone and condition your entire body without the need for you to buy any exercise specific kit. 

You will need adequate room to move around (most people are fine in a standard size front room) and if you have one, an exercise mat may stop you slipping if you are on hard wooden floors, although its not essential.

If you have some, I do recommended using a set of Bluetooth headphones so you can hear me while exercising. If you need a pair, I recommend the Muzili Sports headphones as they stay on your head and don't come off when exercising. They are affordable and the sound quality is excellent.  No other equipment is needed. 

What Times & Days Are The Classes Held?

Classes are held Monday and Friday mornings at 10.00am until 10.45am.

I also hold evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm.

I offer morning, evening, or all access membership options depending when you want to join in with the classes. 



I'm a Beginner. Will the Classes be Suitable For Me?

I teach my classes to cater for all levels and offer multiple options (normally three - Beginner, intermediate and advanced) for my clients to then choose the level they are most comfortable with. 

In addition, the exercises are timed based so you can work as hard or as little in the time provided and build up as you get fitter and stronger.

I Have an Injury, Can I Still Take Part?

My advice is for you to NOT exercise when injured and to instead consult with a professional and seek a proper rehabilitation program. If you are already a member, simply contact me and we can freeze your direct debit payments until you are fully healed. 

Can My Family Members Join in With The Classes?

Yes! My prices are per household, not per person. All I require is that your family member lives with you in the same house and has filled in a health questionnaire (registration form) before joining in. My insurance doesn't cover children in my classes so if you wish for your under 16 year olds to have fun and join in with you, it will be at your own discretion.  

Will The Classes Help me Tone Up & Lose Weight?

Yes! My classes are designed specifically for those purposes.   

Please bear in mind, however, that nutrition plays a huge part in losing weight, so for best results you would need to go onto a healthy eating plan.  If you are interested, you can upgrade to my Hybrid Coaching service and enjoy both the classes and 1-2-1 remote nutrition coaching all for one set price in either a six or twelve week bundle. 

How Do I Pay? Can I pay As I Go, or Pay Weekly?

Payment is only monthly by direct debit. When signing up, you will be asked to complete a mandate powered by Gocardless. It takes a few days for your mandate to authorise and go through (normally a working week) but you will have immediate access to classes once the mandate is completed. 

I do not accept weekly or pay as you go payments. 

What Happens if I Lose The Zoom Link For The Classes?

I suggest all clients paste the Zoom link into their notes section on their phones so it is always readily available. If. you lose your link, don't worry, just contact me and I will resend it. 

Please just bear in mind, if you contact me at the start of the class with a request for a new link to be sent, I have to prioritise teaching the class which means you may miss out. Please do your best to be prepared!

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime, simply contact me to let me know you are cancelling and either I can cancel your mandate for you or you can cancel it at your bank. 

Please bear in mind that your payments work in advance. I do not issue refunds for any classes missed or outstanding at the time of cancellation. 

Can I Try A Class Before I Decide to Join?

Yes, absolutely! Simply fill in our registration form and I will contact you to introduce myself and send you the Zoom link for access to the class. You can then join in as and when you see fit for a class of your choice. 

Please bear in mind I only offer one trial class per person. If your family members (who live in the same house) wish to join in, they simply need to fill in a registration form and they are then free to join in with no additional fee!


Do The Classes Break For Holidays? 

At times, yes, although it is rare and occasional. We have a break over the Christmas period and if I take annual leave, there may be times when the classes are postponed. 

It is my firm belief in that consistency is key, both for my clients success and for the success of my business. I teach the classes on all bank holidays, over Easter and during all children's holidays (except Christmas). Unless I am extremely sick and unable to teach, I never cancel classes and in the rare event of me taking leave, I always give the class plenty of notice and it's never for very long. 


I've Not Been Attending Classes For A While.  Am I Entitled to a Refund?

No.  Once you sign up for class membership, it is up to you to determine how the classes fit into your week. I like to offer flexibility to all my clients, in that they can come and go as they please (although of course, I do recommend that regular attendance is best for optimal results). 

If you aren't able to attend for a prolonged period of time, please contact me in advance to let me know and we can freeze your payment. This can ONLY be done in advance, however. 


I Get Bored Easily. Are all the Classes The Same?

No! I pride myself on keeping things different with every class I teach. You may repeat exercises, as this helps develop your body's ability to get stronger and better at them. I change the format in each class weekly though to keep things varied and fun.  


About the author

Danny Wallis is a Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, NLP Life Coach and Nutrition Advisor, with over 20 years experience in helping people achieve their goals.

Danny Wallis

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