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Introducing Your FREE Myfitnesspal eBook Guide

Introducing my new eBook ‘A Beginners Smartphone Guide to Using Myfitnesspal’Your FREE Myfitnesspal ebook guide is packed full of helpful visual tutorials to help you understand how to get the best out of Myfitnesspal’s key features, such as; – No more guessing on the amount of calories you should be eating to lose weight– Reduce or even stop eating emotionally– Create […]


LOSE IT FOR LIFE – My Personal Weight Loss Story

2018 saw the launch of my brand new 6 week weight loss course entitled the LOSE IT FOR LIFE Programme. There have been many amazing success stories which my course participants and I are all incredibly proud of. The unique, habit-centric approach has helped provide all delegates with a variety of tools to ensure long term success… Success which has […]


LOSE IT FOR LIFE: Body Transformation Programme FAQs

LOSE IT FOR LIFE: Body Transformation Programme is a brand new course I created in January 2018 to show people simple, yet effective steps to reduce body fat. I created this post to help those who maybe interested in joining the LOSE IT FOR LIFE programme to understand exactly what it’s about and answer any questions you may have about […]

Good Vs bad Carbs danny Personal Trainer Blog

Good Vs Bad Carbs: Fat Loss, Health & Choosing the Right Sugars

What is the nutritional difference between a bar of chocolate and a banana? Do you know why a sandwich made with white bread is less healthy than one made with wholemeal? Is brown rice and white rice the same thing? What are ‘Carbs’ anyway and do you really need them? What are Carbs? Carbohydrates (or ‘Carbs’) are sugar-based foods which […]

fat loss: how to cut 3,500 unnecessary calories per week

Fat Loss: How to Cut 3,500 Unnecessary Calories Per Week

Fat loss is hard. It takes time, perseverance and consistent focus on healthy eating and exercise. What does ‘healthy eating’ mean anyway? I would suggest (based on my professional experience of working with the general public) for most people, it means a balance of making sensible choices and having a little of what you fancy now and then. Quite right […]


Healthy Whey Protein Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a fantastic way of eating-on-the-go.  They are fast to prepare, you can take them with you as a quick and healthy ‘meal-on-the-go’ and, if prepared with fresh/healthy ingredients, can provide you with a ton of nutrients and vitamins to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and protein intake high – Both essential for maintaining healthy muscle tone. Personal Favourites I have […]


So, What Should I Eat?

‘So, what should I eat?’ Probably one of the most repeated questions I get asked as a personal trainer. If you have read my post Top Ten Tips for Fitness & Fat Loss, you may remember your food intake should be around 50% carbohydrate, 30% proteins and 20% fats for optimal fat loss and health benefits when exercising. This post is designed to help you understand what […]


Is Your Weekend Binge Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

  Are you one of those people who likes fitness, eats healthily and makes sensible lifestyle choices but come the weekend, it’s time to let your hair down and binge on reward foods that you would never dream of during the week? Do you also long for a flatter stomach and more definition but despite endless cardio and hours of core exercise all you can see is the […]


HIIT Training: Burn Fat & Get Fit Fast!

  Apart from general health most people associate their cardio training with two things: 1. Fat loss and 2. Fitness. Both of these points are correct, however, what is the most effective way to boost both your fitness and your fat burning potential? If you go to any gym you will see the cardio area full of people doing what I […]