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How To Lose Weight When Exercise Isn’t Working

By Danny Wallis Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach

June 9, 2022

Are you not losing weight despite doing regular exercise?

Just recently I had an enquiry from a potential client who came to me with this exact problem. She has been doing exercise four times per week for the past few months and has seen no traction at all with her goal of reducing body-fat. 

This is unfortunately a major problem for a lot of people.  The solution lies in the foods you eat and more specifically, the calories you are consuming. 

As a means of helping my new client (and you if you have the same problem) with this issue, I have created a short (5 mins) coaching video on my YouTube channel to explain where you may be going wrong and suggest an actionable plan explaining what you can do to achieve fantastic results. 

Check it our below and please like and subscribe to the channel if you find the video useful. It really helps!

Your Free Resource

In the video I mention the importance of building habits around controlling your calorie intake. I  recommend a free app called Myfitnesspal which is a fantastic tool perfect for helping you with calorie awareness and building new habits to help you reduce body-fat. 

I have created a FREE ebook guide to show you how to set up and get the most out of using Myfitnesspal. If you are new to my website and haven't already downloaded the ebook already you can access it here: 

Are you struggling to lose body-fat despite doing exercise? Perhaps you used to have this problem and turned it around? Leave me a comment below to share your story. 

About the author

Danny Wallis is a Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, NLP Life Coach and Nutrition Advisor, with over 20 years experience in helping people achieve their goals.

Danny Wallis

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