top ten fitness questions

YOUR Top Ten Fitness Questions

  Back in November 2015, I wrote a Frequently Asked Questions post based queries my clients asked me most as their Personal Trainer. This week, to help and support others within the community, I decided to write a similar post asking people via Facebook and Twitter what questions they would like answered… and here they are! Jo asked… 1) “If you have […]

fat loss: how to cut 3,500 unnecessary calories per week

Fat Loss: How to Cut 3,500 Unnecessary Calories Per Week

Fat loss is hard. It takes time, perseverance and consistent focus on healthy eating and exercise. What does ‘healthy eating’ mean anyway? I would suggest (based on my professional experience of working with the general public) for most people, it means a balance of making sensible choices and having a little of what you fancy now and then. Quite right […]

How To Reduce neck and Shoulder Tension

How to Reduce Shoulder & Neck Tension

  Neck and shoulder tension, for some people, can literally be a pain in the neck.  Tight, tense muscles can cause headaches, knotted muscle, impingement issues and often become a major cause of soft tissue pain. In today’s post I am going to show you some really simple exercises which you can do anywhere to help relieve the symptoms of your tension. […]


Ski Fitness Workout: How to Get Fit for the Slopes

It’s January time, mid winter and the skiing season is now upon us. While you may be looking forward to the exhilaration of hurtling down the slopes, the question needs to be asked; Is your body ready for the challenge? While skiing can be a hugely enjoyable outdoor activity, it can also be incredibly stressful on the body and can […]


How to be Consistent with Healthy Eating & Exercise

Being consistent with healthy eating and exercise is tough for most people in the New Year period. January is a time when we often contemplate the idea of positive, healthy changes for ourselves. Overindulgence during the Christmas period is often a great motivator to start afresh and move towards the summer feeling healthier, leaner and fitter. The challenge, however, is […]

exercises to strengthen your knees

Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees

   _ This weeks post ‘Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees’ is a continuation from my previous post entitled ‘Knee Pain: Solutions to Common Problems’. In that post we looked at some of the causes of knee pain and I offered some basic advice to help manage the different situations which can present themselves. Today’s post is simply directed at the […]

knee pain dannywallispt

Knee Pain: Solutions to Common Problems

Knee Pain Facts: Knee pain can occur because of tightness and weakness in the muscles Sitting for long periods (a scenario which I call ‘office back’) can lead to chronic knee pain Appropriate exercises can often remedy some causes of chronic knee pain  Strengthening the Glutes (buttock) and Core (abdominal) muscles can decrease some cases of knee pain. Dealing with […]


6 Health & Fitness Remedies to Stop You Feeling Burnt Out

Feeling physically burnt-out can leave you feeling lifeless. For example, do you sometimes feel like your legs are so heavy that simply walking feels like hard work? Tiredness can affect us all and when it does, it can cause greater problems than simply feeling extra sleepy. Let’s face it, life is busy. Demanding schedules and the stress of our day to day […]


15 Minute Workout Video: Boost Your Fitness, Endurance & Fat Loss!

For my latest post I have created a total body 15 minute workout video specifically designed for beginners who are new to exercise. Considering the warm weather is (supposedly) on its way, I have been asked a lot about the best way to get fit for the summer months by those who have no real workout experience. Interactive 15 Minute Workout Video To help […]


Stability Workout: Balance Builds Muscle

Stability Workout: Getting Started With over 20 years experience as a Personal Trainer, experience has taught me people generally decide to begin 1-2-1 coaching sessions for one of three main reasons… 1) They are complete newbies to exercise and don’t know where to start. 2) They feel intimidated about training on their own and feel they need extra support and encouragement. 3) They […]