Tone up, lose weight & get fit in the comfort of your own home 

Online Group Training Classes

Introducing Online Group Training Classes

I can help you lose weight, strengthen and condition your body and accelerate your fitness in my fun, challenging and affordable online group workouts. 

From only £2.81 per class, I provide four forty-five minute workouts a week (two after the school run and two after office hours) to help you destress, tone up and burn body fat from the comfort of your own home. 


Fun & High Energy Group  Fitness Classes

Workout Anywhere

Our live workouts allow you to sign in where ever you are in the world.  At home, outside in the fresh air, away on holiday, you can access our group classes wherever you have wifi.

Varied & Motivational

No two of our classes are exactly the same.  We vary every single workout to keep your exercise sessions fun, interesting and challenging to keep you motivated

Affordable & Great Value

We offer peak and off peak classes at a fixed low fee for the whole household.  Join our daytime classes while your spouse or kids (over 16) join us for the evening sessions.. 

Professional High Level Coaching 

Our coaches have 20 plus years of experience delivering group exercise sessions and 1-2-1 coaching.  We offer exercise options from complete beginners to high level veterans

Group Training Benefits

No thinking, no travelling, no kit needed, just rock up and feel instantly better 

Half the challenge with getting fit is knowing what to do and having the motivation to do it. With my online Group Training classes all you have to do is sign in and follow my instructions. 

My classes cater for all abilities as I offer multiple options for every exercise. Each class is different to keep you motivated and the workouts consistently fun and varied. 

Value is key

Amazing value for all the family

Within my business I aim to offer first class service at incredible value. The prices for my classes are not per person, but instead, per house hold. 

This means if a parent is at home after the school run, they can take part in my 10am morning classes. Your partner or teenage kids (over 16's only) can do the evening classes after school or work, all for one small fixed price. 

Meet Your Online Group Training Coach

22 years professional coaching experience & still going strong

  • I have over two decades experience coaching fitness and group training classes. You can rest assured you are in safe and experienced hands. 
  • I totally appreciate you may be new to exercise and just starting out on your fitness journey. Our classes cater for everyone, so beginner options are always included in all exercises.
  • My aim is to always leave you feeling better after our workouts! I strive to keep your workouts varied, fun, engaging and effective. 
  • My 45 minute classes are perfect for those who want to boost their energy, tone up & condition their body in short 45 minute workouts. 



What my clients are saying...

(Facebook Reviews Rating)

"Danny your online fitness classes have been a ray of light through this year, I really look forward to everyone of them.  You always deliver such great workouts, loads of fun & you're such a fantastic coach." 

Online Group Training Client

Julie Saunders // 54

"Did my first morning class with Danny and what a great way to start the week. Amazing workout with great exercises which he makes fun despite the challenge! Can't wait for next weeks class." 

Online Group Training Client

Janice Renowden // 56

"Great Sesh Danny!! Really enjoyed that! Loved how you kept it challenging while mixing it up and keeping it varied. Smashed it today, well done and thank you!"


Online Group Training Client

Jo Kaleta // 25

"It's now lockdown 3 & to avoid the lure of excessive sofa sitting, wine and half arsed YouTube videos, I am doing Danny's classes. Much like a personal trainer in your home at a fraction of the cost. Danny is brilliant!"

Online Group Training Client

Jo Britton // 42

"I've been looking for something physical to do while on lockdown and Danny's class is perfect. Its fun, only 45 minutes, works the whole body and is the best class I have found online so far.  Can't recommend enough!"

Online Group Training Client

Jane Mitchell // 28

"Danny is my personal trainer and his online group training classes are just like being with him at the studio. He always brings great energy, never fails to motivate and each workout is different and varied so I never get bored. "

Online Group Training Client

Jane Mitchell // 32

Class timetable

Join in on our 45 minute, fun, energising workouts up to four times per week

Daytime Classes


10.00am - 10.45am


10.00am - 10.45am

Evening Classes


7.30pm - 8.15pm


7.30pm - 8.15pm

How To Get Started & Claim Your FREE Group Training Class

Step One: Claim Your FREE Trial Class

To help you get started, I like to offer all my clients a free class to try out before they purchase anything.  To claim your class, you simply need to press the button and fill in the health questionnaire so we know you are safe to exercise.

Once the form is complete and submitted, I will be in touch to introduce myself and send you the Zoom link for your trial class. You can then choose the day and time you would like to attend and join in at a time which suits you best. Please note, there is only an allocation of one free trial class per household.

Step Two: Choose Your Membership Type & Pay

We are linked with GoCardless to ensure your subscription payment is easy to use while safe and completely secure.  You can learn more about Go Cardless at their Customer Support FAQ page

Choose whether you and your household would like to attend just our morning classes (Early Bird Membership) our evening classes (Night Owl Membership) or if you would like the flexibility of attending all of our classes (Elite All-Access Membership).

Bolt on services for increased benefits

Are you eating correctly for the results you want? 

A common mistake is when people try to 'out exercise' their poor nutrition.  The truth is food equals around 70% of the results we want in terms of weight loss,  getting stronger and increasing energy. 

My online coaching services are the perfect companion to my weekly Group Training classes. I can help you build healthy habits, teach you the right foods to eat and establish how many calories you should be eating to help you lose weight. 

Online coaching packages are either six or twelve week blocks and tailor made completely around your goals. My Hybrid Online Coaching option includes my Group Training Classes at a discounted rate. 


Online Group Training: Frequently Asked Questions

It's natural you would like to learn more about something before trying it out for the first time. To help you with any uncertainties you may have or to clarify anything which seems unclear I have created a Frequently Asked Questions post specifically for my Online Group Training classes. 

If you would prefer, you can always contact me directly and I will be happy to help you either via text, email or a phone call. 

Group Training Memberships & Pricing Options

Sign up here once you have enjoyed your first FREE trial Group Training class

Early Bird Membership

Daytime classes only


Unlimited access for your household to our Monday & Friday daytime classes




30 Per Month

  • Access to 8 classes per month
  • Perfect time after the school run
  • Try your first class FREE!
  • Professional coaching & fun, challenging workouts
  • No contract, cancel anytime & hassle free sub subscription payments
Night Owl membership

Evening classes only


Unlimited access for your household to our Tuesday & Thursday evening classes



30 Per Month

  • Access to 8 classes per month
  • Perfect to de-stress after work
  • Try your first class FREE
  • Professional Coaching & fun, challenging workouts
  • No contract, cancel anytime & hassle free sub subscription payments
All Access membership

Unlimited use off all classes


Maximum flexibility for you & your household, unlocking access to all our classes



45 Per Month 

  • Access to all 16 classes per month
  • Great value for the whole household at only 2.81 per class
  • Try your first class FREE
  • Perfect for couples or families 
  • No contract, cancel anytime & hassle free sub subscription payments

Have a question? Feel free to drop me a line!

Leave us your details in our contact box and we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your message to help you with your question and to help get you started with my services.   

If you prefer us to call or text you, please leave your phone number in the message box area.

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