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Take the guesswork out of achieving your health & fitness goals 

Introducing Online Fitness Coaching

What is online fitness coaching & how does it work?

Online coaching allows me to  help my clients achieve their fitness, lifestyle or nutrition related goals by remotely providing them with both the structure and accountability they need to achieve their objectives.  

Once I understand what my clients goals are (after completing their free consultation with them). I then create and provide workouts and / or habit related tasks (depending on their goal) to complete on a weekly basis within my exclusive online coaching app.

I then remotely monitor and coach my online clients on their progress. Over time we consistently develop and update their program to ensure they are constantly achieving new objectives and enjoying the experience. 

Structure & accountability 

The challenges I set my clients could be app based workouts, rehabilitation exercises, new lifestyle related habits to adhere to or nutrition related coaching tasks, it literally depends on the clients goal.

All of these objectives are provided within the sophisticated, yet easy to use interface within my coaching app.  Each task is recorded by the client as it is completed, allowing me to remotely keep a track on what my clients are achieving, and when. 

Each week, I go through my clients weekly progress and then offer coaching based feedback on what they have achieved the previous week  This is called a weekly 'check in'. 

If my clients  need support, help or advice outside of their check in, I am contactable to help with the problem at hand via text, email or scheduled phone call. 

Giving you more freedom & options  

The hardest thing about in studio personal training for my clients is the 'inflexibility' of the routine. They always have to come to me. There is the rush hour traffic, road works, parking issues and when they go on holiday or travel, they often lose the routine of working out with supervision and support. 

With online coaching, none of these things are an issue. You can workout when and where you want to.  Nice sunny day? Perhaps take your workout to the park and get some fresh air.  Cold and wintery? All my workouts can be completed at home with no need for equipment.  Fancy a lie in? You can move your scheduled task to a better time that suits and I will see you have rearranged your workout time. 

Different Types of Coaching For Different Goals

There are essentially three types of coaching I provide.  The first is the most obvious. I create workouts within my app for my clients to adhere to and them keep them accountable on their exercise. 

But what if you are already working out and struggling to see results? Then I can coach you on that specific problem. Normally, in the context of this issue, it's food related. My app can connect to your Myfitnesspal account so when you track your food intake, I can automatically see what you have eaten and coach you on your diet and the habits associated with the way you eat. 

The third type of coaching is lifestyle management.  Together we can build habits which encourage you to drink more water, reduce alcohol and comfort foods, improve your sleep patterns and more. 

Most of my clients need a combination of all these elements.  You don't, however, have to be looking to just get fitter to ask for me help.  

Getting you started on your fitness journey

6 or 12 Week 
Coaching packages

Build Healthier Food Habits

I coach my clients to transform their bodies based on food habits & behavioural change. Master one simple challenge at a time for long term success.

Stay Motivated & Consistent 

My app allows me to create scheduled tasks for you to perform at an agreed time. This will keep you on track, knowing what to do and when. 

Build Strength & Confidence

We will start at a pace you feel comfortable with and gradually build up over time. Perfect for beginners or those who are a bit nervous.  

Help, Support & Guidance 

In addition to being a call away, I will check in with you weekly to ensure you are sticking to your plan and to offer you professional and helpful feedback. 

Go Hybrid For Extra Workouts & Accountability

Not sure if you like the idea of working out on your own? Bolt on my hybrid option for unlimited access to my live Zoom based group bootcamp workouts. 

Class Timetable:

Monday Morning: 10.00am - 10.45am

Tuesday Evening: 7.30pm - 8.15pm

Thursday Evening: 7.30pm - 8.15pm

Friday Morning: 10.00am - 10.45pm

How To get Started On Your Journey

Step One: FREE Consultation

To help you get started, the journey starts with a free, friendly and helpful chat.  I don't believe in charging people until I know what it is they need help with.  I listen to what it is you want to achieve and begin to understand the barriers you face. 

Step Two: Choose Your Package

If you decide to move forward after our consultation, it takes me 2 - 3 business days to build your new plan within the app, based on which package you choose to purchase. 

I offer six or twelve week coaching packages, each one having the Hybrid option to join in on my live Zoom group fitness classes. 

Step 3: Start Achieving Results

Once your package is built, you can get started straight away & start feeling better immediately. 

 I will provide you with remote support (email or text) and will 'check in' with you each week as part of monitoring your progress and keeping you motivated. 


What my clients are saying...

(Facebook Reviews Rating)

"I had no idea what online coaching was until a friend referred me to Danny. Now, I am a stone lighter, my posture is better, my back hurts less and I have the freedom to exercise when and where I want to." 

Online Fitness Coaching Client

Steven Rowe // 48

"I hired Danny to help me lose weight after I thought it was impossible. He was kind, empathetic and understood my problems. He is a great listener and now I have lost nearly 2 stone in the last two months. I am so grateful for his help." 

Online Boot Camp Class Client

Janet Bowman // 44

"I can't thank Danny enough for his patience &  support.  My body confidence was zero when I met him and my diet terrible. Now I am leaner, healthier, look better and have better habits with food and exercise. Thank you!"

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Jane Wood // 35

"Danny has been online coaching me  online now for 6 months via his app & weekly check ins. He is amazing and soo reliable and keeps me accountable without being a taskmaster.  In six months I've lost 2 1/2 stone so far. Thank you!!"

Online Fitness Coaching Client

Sandra Davies // 42

"Danny's online coaching is amazing and I am sop glad I found him! I like training on my own but needed help knowing what to do. Now I have a program to follow which gets updated regularly and Danny there to keep me focused."

Online Boot Camp Class Client

Jo Adams // 33

"I've never been into the gym so Danny's online coaching is perfect. I do his hybrid package with the live online classes linked with building new food habits which he coaches me with on. I've now lost the belly and got some muscle! Amazing!!"

Online Fitness Coaching Client

Jane Mitchell // 28

Pricing & 1-2-1 Online Fitness Coaching Packages

Get started today and if you are not fully satisfied within 14 days I will give you your money back!

6 week Coaching Package

A fully personalised plan perfect for beginners or those looking to kickstart their fitness 





  • Custom plan built around your needs
  • Weekly check ins to keep you accountable
  • Address fat storing habits & develop new behaviours
  • Includes online posture & movement assessment
  • IOS & Android app with video coaching
6 Week Hybrid Coaching Package

A fully personalised plan with the added bonus of unlimited 'live' group exercise classes




  • As 6 week package with added 'live' workouts
  • Weekly check ins to keep you accountable
  • Address fat storing habits & develop new behaviours
  • Includes online posture & movement assessment
  • IOS & Android app with video coaching
12 Week Coaching Package

Achieve greater success with a more consistent, fully personalised twelve week coaching plan 




  • Multi stage plan designed to maximise your results
  • Weekly check ins to keep you accountable
  • Address fat storing habits & develop new behaviours
  • Includes online posture & movement assessment
  • IOS & Android app with video coaching
12 Week Hybrid Coaching Package

  A fully personalised twelve week coaching plan linked with unlimited 'live' group exercise classes




  • As per 12 week package with added 'live' workouts
  • Weekly check ins to keep you accountable
  • Address fat storing habits & develop new behaviours
  • Includes online posture & movement assessment
  • IOS & Android app with video coaching

YES! I would like to book my FREE Consultation

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