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Danny Wallis Personal Trainer Free Myfitnesspal Ebook Guide

Losing weight is purely about creating a calorie deficit in your daily routine. The smartest and easiest way to do this is to limit to the amount of calories you are consuming so your body has less fuel from food then it needs on a daily basis.  The body will then use fat to supplement there extra energy needed. 

Myfitnesspal is a fantastic free tool to help you learn more about the calories in foods and to will help you create new habits to encourage you to eat healthier. 

The ebook I have created shows you how to set Myfitnesspal up and get the most out of the app for maximum benefits. 

How Your FREE Myfitnesspal Ebook Guide Will Help You

No more guessing the amount of calories you should be eating to lose weight
Reduce or even stop eating emotionally
Take control of your body and your weight, by building healthy habits
Create your own recipes in a single button press
Lean down, feel lighter & healthier
No more food confusion! Let MFP do the thinking for you

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