May 16

Home, Hotel Room or Park… No Equipment Total Body Workout

No Room? No Problem!

I wanted to put together a post for those people who want to exercise but feel they haven’t quite got the room for a ‘decent’ workout. It may be you haven’t got a gym membership or you travel frequently (as many of my clients do) where you find yourself in a hotel room with no real knowledge of what to do without the luxury of a gym full of equipment around you.

I have put together a short video to offer you some ideas of the kind of exercises you could do with nothing more than a chair, the floor and your body weight. If you are outside, you could always use a park bench to save dragging a dining room chair around with you.


These exercises will provide you with a Total Body Workout. Please be aware – Some of the chosen exercises involve the need for a reasonably strong core and/or good balancing skills… Some are quite challenging so please go easy if you are a beginner and not use to working out.

Exercise Prescription

You may notice I haven’t prescribed the volume of each exercise… This is deliberate as my intention with this video is to help inspire you with ideas and not prescribe specifics. After all, my blog could be read by a 70 year old non-exerciser or a 21 year old athlete, all who have different abilities. If you do have any specific questions please leave a comment below and I will be happy to advise as best as I can.


I hope you enjoy the workout! Have fun with it and I would love to hear your thoughts. Please don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog for all my latest content – Please give me a ‘thumbs up’ and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all my latest videos to help you on your fitness journey.


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  1. Well done Danny,I never knew you could do some much with such little room & a chair.Very good work out.Ivor.

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