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Brand New Fitness Solutions to The DWPT Blog

2017 is proving to be an interesting and exciting year of change. In addition to buying a new home, I am also just about to turn 40 and enter a brand new decade of my life. As life progresses, my blog and website are evolving with me. This is demonstrated with a new platform of online fitness solutions. There are many […]

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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Be Stretching More

Suppleness is one of the five main components of fitness which include strength, speed, skill and stamina. Stretching for suppleness is something, in my opinion, which often gets overlooked or bolted on the end of workouts and normally lasts just a few minutes, if at all. As a professional fitness coach of 20 years, I can say from experience (for […]


10 Healthy Habits to Keep You Fit, Lean and Toned

A client of mine once claimed “good habits are harder to stick to because they are less enjoyable”. I asked her if she brushed her teeth before work in the morning. She looked at me oddly and replied “Yes, of course! Why wouldn’t I?”.  I was quick to point out brushing your teeth daily is nothing more than a healthy […]

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5 Functional Training Exercises for Fitness, Strength & Fat Loss

If you are new to the term ‘Functional Training’, it simply refers to a method of exercise which involves training the body for the activities we perform every day. Functional Training For Life A squat is essentially the movement we use to get up out of a chair. A tricep dip replicates the joint action of getting out of the bath. These […]


6 Health & Fitness Remedies to Stop You Feeling Burnt Out

Feeling physically burnt-out can leave you feeling lifeless. For example, do you sometimes feel like your legs are so heavy that simply walking feels like hard work? Tiredness can affect us all and when it does, it can cause greater problems than simply feeling extra sleepy. Let’s face it, life is busy. Demanding schedules and the stress of our day to day […]


Home, Hotel Room or Park… No Equipment Total Body Workout

No Room? No Problem! I wanted to put together a post for those people who want to exercise but feel they haven’t quite got the room for a ‘decent’ workout. It may be you haven’t got a gym membership or you travel frequently (as many of my clients do) where you find yourself in a hotel room with no real knowledge of […]


Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands (S.A.I.D Principle)

  S.A.I.D is an acronym which stands for ‘Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands’ and, if you’re struggling reaching your goals, it could be the reason you’re not progressing with your workouts. But what does it mean? We Adapt to What We Do Basically, the body is clever and will adapt specifically to what you to do it; Sit all day eating cheeseburgers and […]


The TRUE Importance of Fitness

  Arguably, the birth of the fitness industry exploded around the early 80’s. Gyms and aerobics classes became incredibly popular and people became much more in tune with maintaining a healthy body. Fast forward nearly 40 years and the fitness industry is everywhere. It’s the gym you visit, the App on your phone, the Instagram feed you follow, the diet plan you’re on […]


5 Tips to Beat the Winter Fitness Blues

Generally, winter brings variety of festive cheer, the holiday spirit plus the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers. However, there are certain things about winter which aren’t quite so motivating – Namely, the long cold dark days, the constant craving of sweet stodgy foods and the longing desire to hide away from the world under the comfort of your duvet until the sun shows its face again […]