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"Having struggled with my weight for the entirety of my adult life, LOSE IT FOR LIFE has been truly transformational. More importantly, my relationship with food has permanently changed for the better."

Weight Loss: 11lbs

Lowri Poole // 35

The LOSE IT FOR LIFE  Programme is a must for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off. The workouts were fun and challenging and the social aspect of the group really helped with my support and motivation.

Weight Lost: 10lbs

Julie Owen // 53

"Doing this programme has been a massive eye opener! I have not only lost more weight than I imagined I would, but I am so much more confident in myself.  Thanks so much Danny."

Weight Lost: 9.5lbs

Sam Bradshaw // 47


  • Would you like to learn how to successfully lose weight without having to diet or go hungry?
  • Would you like to build healthy new habits which will keep you slim forever? 
  • Do you want to be noticeably slimmer, fitter & more body confident in just four weeks? 
  • Are you ready to stop self sabotaging and emotional eating & become a new version of yourself?


What's Included?

4 Week Online Course 

Our weekly online workshops to help solve common problems associated with losing weight. Overeating, self sabotage, comfort food, and even good old fashioned laziness.  I provide helpful, motivational solutions in our fun, supportive workshops.

Structure & Accountability

Via my exclusive training app, you will be tracking your weekly progress, checking in on new daily habit reminders and have access to specially designed weight loss workouts which you can follow on your own time.  

Live Online Group Workouts 

As part of the course you can join in on my live Total Body Training Zoom workouts up to four times per week to get you moving and maximise your fitness at no additional cost. Classes cater for all fitness levels. 

Never Feel Overweight Again

The programme isn't a quick fix, a fad, a diet plan or a point system.  There are no food restrictions or foods you can't have.  Instead you will simply learn how to have a healthier relationship with food and to create fat burning food-based habits that will last you the rest of your life.

Create Fat Burning Habits

Most people know what it takes to lose weight, but don't often do those things consistently enough to make a difference. Learn how to easily create simple, everyday habits that will boost fat loss without having to even think about it. 

Social Support

Don't worry, you are not alone... Meet other people with the same levels of fitness and weight loss problems as you.  Join my FREE Facebook Group for continued support outside of our weekly workshops and after the course finishes. 

Course Structure

Let's Break Things Down to Show You How it Works

Week One 

Controlling Calories

I explain the importance of reducing calories to lose weight and how to create easy to adhere to habits to naturally reduce down your food intake without feeling like you are eating less.

Week Two

So, What Shall I Eat?

In this workshop we discover the best foods to eat to lose weight and get healthier.  For example, did you know that high volume / low calorie foods mean you can eat more and still lose weight?

Week Three

No More Emotional Eating

In this workshop we look at how we are all positively affected by foods considered bad for us.  

I explain the mysteries of why we comfort eat and then provide you with a simple, easy to follow solutions to help practice controlling your cravings.

Week Four

Eating Socially, Peer Pressure & Tips Moving Forward 

Losing weight can be incredibly challenging when surrounded by people who may lead you astray. In this workshop I provide simple solutions for staying motivated and on track during family take out night, eating at friends houses, and visiting restaurants with friends. 

I also provide some helpful solutions for once the course has finished to maintain your weight loss and to stay trim & healthy.

Weekly Online Weight Loss Workshops

Monday Evenings 7.30pm - 8.30pm

The Lose it For Life Programme offers weekly online workshops on a Monday evening to help coach you towards successfully losing weight. 

Each week, we tackle a major cause of weight gain including overeating, portion control, emotional eating, managing social situations and more. 

Feel free to browse through the workshop content to learn more. 

Stay Focused & Accountable

My exclusive fitness coaching app boats cutting edge technology which will keep you focused during the duration of the programme.  The app plays an important part of the course and is a fantastic tool to help keep you accountable and motivated.

Within it you will find a selection of specifically designed fat burning and toning based home workouts (no need for any kit), which you can do anywhere, anytime.

We also use the app to track your weekly measures to keep an eye on your progress.  There are daily habit reminders to check in to and group support for you to ask questions to me outside of our sessions and reach out to me and the other Lose it For Lifers on the programme. 

Workout Anywhere, Anytime. 

In addition to our live workouts, you also have a selection of specifically designed workouts within the app.  Train on your terms, when and where you want to. 

Develop Fat Burning Habits

Keep focused on your new habits with check in reminders and scheduled tasks. 

See Yourself Progress

I encourage you to record your progress each week to measure your achievements.  Recording key measures each week will keep you focused and accountable. 

Stay Accountable

Having the weekly workshops and live classes to attend will increase the likelihood of you staying consistent and achieving your goal.  

Our Lose it For Life Course Offers Live Workouts


  • Joining Lose it for Life gives you automatic access to my online Total Body Fitness Live Zoom Fitness Classes for the course duration
  • Burn fat, boost your fitness & tone your whole body in my professionally run fitness classes.  All fitness levels are catered for
  • Burn off excess calories and accelerate your results in my fun, motivational group workouts
  • Specially designed 45 minute classes will flatten your tummy, reduce body-fat, tone your muscles and improve your fitness


10.00am - 10.45am


7.30pm - 8.15pm


7.30pm - 8.15pm


10am - 10.45am

Course Details & Information

We are currently in the process of converting our courses into an online service. This will help us reduce the cost to you, while incorporating new online tools into our service to promote enhanced accountability.

Being online also allows us to offer a wider range of live exercise classes for you to join in with to help improve your results while on the course. 

Register your interest today and you will automatically qualify for a 25% discount off the price of our next available course.  No payment will be needed until the course starts. Course discount price is £120 per person. Normal price is £147.

Course Details

  • Discover how to lose weight for life in my online weekly workshops
  • Continue to lose weight and maintain great results long term with my proven weight loss strategies
  • Boost your fitness and fat loss results in my fun online workout classes
  • Stay accountable and focused with my easy to use exclusive Lose it For Life companion app

Have a Question?

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s totally natural to want to know more if you are considering booking on to the course.  To help you with any uncertainties you may have or to clarify anything which seems unclear, I have created a Frequently Asked Questions post specifically for my LOSE IT FOR LIFE course.

Contact Me

If you would like to chat with me personally, you can of course email me your details via my Contact Me page and I will be happy to call you and discuss things 1-2-1 over the phone.


Register Your Interest Today

Register Now, Save Money Later

Register your interest for our Lose it For Life program to qualify for our 25% Early Bird Booking discount on our next available course. 

Simply fill in the form and tell me you are interested my Lose it For Life program.  I will then contact you to touch base and get acquainted with details of our next course. 

When the next available course starts, you can then book on for the discounted price of £120 rather than the usual price of £147

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