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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Be Stretching More

Suppleness is one of the five main components of fitness which include strength, speed, skill and stamina. Stretching for suppleness is something, in my opinion, which often gets overlooked or bolted on the end of workouts and normally lasts just a few minutes, if at all. As a professional fitness coach of 20 years, I can say from experience (for […]

Danny Wallis PT How to Strengthen Your Back

Back Strengthening Exercises: How to Rebuild Your Sore ‘Office Back’

As a fitness trainer and sports therapist with over 20 years experience; meeting people with a history of back pain is incredibly common. Poor posture or ‘Office Back’ has a lot to do with most people’s chronic back pain. Sitting consistently for long periods of time can cause postural abnormalities and mechanical imbalances. This simply means certain muscles in the […]


Stretches to Relieve Your Tight Office Back

If you have been following my blog you may have come across the term ‘office back’ which I use to refer to postural discomfort and pain which can occur in the back, shoulders, hips and even the knees caused by long periods of sitting down. ‘An Introduction to Office Back’ introduced the how and why prolonged use of your chair […]


An Introduction to ‘Office Back’

“Sitting is the new smoking”… For me, that statement sums it up pretty nicely. I read on the BBC website recently on a report about muscular skeletal problems becoming more and more common. I speak to clients about their aches and pains and considering my demographic is generally men and women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s people generally have the habit […]