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Good Vs Bad Carbs: Fat Loss, Health & Choosing the Right Sugars

What is the nutritional difference between a bar of chocolate and a banana? Do you know why a sandwich made with white bread is less healthy than one made with wholemeal? Is brown rice and white rice the same thing? What are ‘Carbs’ anyway and do you really need them? What are Carbs? Carbohydrates (or ‘Carbs’) are sugar-based foods which […]


So, What Should I Eat?

‘So, what should I eat?’ Probably one of the most repeated questions I get asked as a personal trainer. If you have read my post Top Ten Tips for Fitness & Fat Loss, you may remember your food intake should be around 50% carbohydrate, 30% proteins and 20% fats for optimal fat loss and health benefits when exercising. This post is designed to help you understand what […]