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  1. The Zoom link for both our Lose it For Life Monday evening Workshop & our Total Body Training Group Exercise Classes
  2. The download link for the Danny Wallis Personal Training Companion app which is an important tool which we use on the course. 
  3. Best practices for online courses and fitness classes

You will receive your welcome email within 12 hours of you completing payment. We are a small business and email all our clients personally who sign up to our memberships, hence the time frame (be sure to check your junk box if you don't see the email as business email addresses sadly sometimes get confused as spam). In the meantime, you can find the Zoom access link for all our online sessions below to get you started. 

Getting Started 

Accessing our Zoom based workshops and classes couldn't be easier. First make sure you have the 'Zoom' app downloaded to your device, then at the time of the workshop or fitness class, simply click the blue link below where it says 'Click this link to join our Lose it For Life Workshops & Exercise Classes on Zoom'.

If you are early to the session, you will be taken to a virtual waiting room where I will then let you in once the class is ready to begin.  The link is the same for all our workshops and group exercises classes to keep things super easy. 

Lose it For Life Workshop & Total Body Training Zoom Access

Click this link to join our Lose it For Life Workshops & Exercise Classes on Zoom

Meeting ID: 225 894 5534
Passcode: 494648

(It's a good idea to copy the class link details to your 'notes' section in your phone so as not to lose them).

"Having struggled with my weight for the entirety of my adult life, LOSE IT FOR LIFE has been truly transformational. More importantly, my relationship with food has permanently changed for the better."

Weight Loss: 11lbs

Lowri Poole // 35

The LOSE IT FOR LIFE  Programme is a must for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off. The workouts were fun and challenging and the social aspect of the group really helped with my support and motivation.

Weight Lost: 10lbs

Julie Owen // 53

"Doing this programme has been a massive eye opener! I have not only lost more weight than I imagined I would, but I am so much more confident in myself.  Thanks so much Danny."

Weight Lost: 9.5lbs

Sam Bradshaw // 47

Lose it For Life: Best Practice Tips 

Set Up Zoom

Before you access the class, be sure to remember to download the Zoom app.  You can't access the classes without it.  You don't need to set up an account, just the link to the classes

Bluetooth Headphones Are Recommended

When you are exercising and moving around, it can sometimes be hard to hear what I am saying through the small speakers of your device. A good idea is to connect bluetooth headphones to your device so you can hear my instructions clearly, no matter how hard you are working

Use 'Speaker' View on Zoom

Zoom allows you to use two views... Gallery view allows you to see everyone else in the room.  This means I become a small window in the corner of your screen and hard to follow.  It can also make things distracting for you when trying to exercise. Instead switch to 'speaker' view and your screen will only be occupied by me making our classes a much more personalised experience for you

Bring a Notepad & Pen

You may find you might like to take notes during our Lose it For life Workshops, so do remember to bring a long some writing paper and a pen 

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