Learn How to get Started with My Exclusive Training App

As an online coach I rely on amazing software to help me program, track and progress my clients toward their individual goals.  My Online Coaching App is a truly fantastic addition to my 1-2-1 business and incredibly easy and intuitive to use.  To help my clients have full understanding of all the features and services available to them I have created a series of short video tutorials to help them get the most out of my bespoke coaching experience.

If there is something you would like help with that you can’t find here please do feel free to contact me and I will happily help you on a 1-2-1 basis or will create a new tutorial to help both you and others in the future.

How to Access Your App Based Online Workouts

Getting started with your workouts via my coaching app is dead simple.  This video will show you how to navigate your way to your workouts and get started achieving great results on your custom built workout plan. 

How to Stay Accountable & Record Your Workout Results

This video will help you learn how to accurately log your workout results to help keep you accountable.  I can then review your progress and accurately offer you feedback  based on your progress and help coach you forward toward your health and fitness goals.

How to View Exercise Demonstrations to Learn New Moves

Exercise safely and learn new moves! This video will help you easily understand how to view my full HD workout demonstrations within my training app and how to access the individual exercise instructions list. 

How to Access & Use The Integrated Exercise Timers

No more faffing with stop watches or unless apps! My coaching software comes complete with built in interval timers and a stop watch feature. This short video shows you how it works.  

How To 'Check In' to Scheduled Tasks for 100% Accountability

‘Checking In’ is an accountability tool which is designed to help keep you consistent and motivated toward your health and fitness related goals.

This video will help you learn how to ‘Check In’ to your scheduled items such as habit tracking or your custom built workouts.

How To Add Your Own Items to The Schedule

This video will help you learn how to add your own unprescribed exercise sessions into your online coaching account to record your unscheduled progress. 

How To Move Scheduled Items

This video will help you learn how to move items which I have your coach have scheduled you in for. Change your workout times, when you log your habits and ensure your online training regime works around your busy lifestyle.

How To Use The Integrated Food Diary

Stay accountable, lose weight and improve your energy by improving your nutrition. This video will help you learn how to use the integrated visual food diary within my exclusive personal training software. 

How To Link MyFitnessPal To Your Online Coaching Account

For truly amazing results you can link the amazing food tracking app 'MyFitnessPal' to your account for real accountability and the best coaching experience. 

As your coach, I can them review and feedback to you on your nutrition plan without you having to record your food tracking habits twice. 

How To Track Your New Habit Challenges 

For the best results, personal training isn't simply doing guided exercise, it is about addressing and improving on habits and lifestyle behaviours which achieve an outcome based around your goals. 

This video shows you how to stay accountable and track your new habit challenges. 

How To Record Progress Photos For Improved Goal Based Measurements

The best results are the tangible ones we can see with our own eyes.

This video will help you learn how to record your progress photos within my secure training app for you to physically see your results change over time.

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