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Changing Your Mind About Food

Lose Weight Easily

My Lose it For Life weight loss courses offer solutions to help you lose weight without traditional dieting or the common ‘all or nothing’ approach to slimming down.

The course focuses on providing solutions to combat the subconscious fat storing habits and behaviours ingrained in us all which often cause us to gain weight.

Instead of counting ‘points’ or ‘sins’ we focus on practical solutions for comfort eating, self sabotage and peer pressure and other common causes of weight gain.

I help you lose weight easily by showing you how to become more mindful of the foods you are eating and how weight loss can be easily achieved by establishing healthy, long term fat burning habits.

In addition to our workshops the course also includes a weekly weigh in to keep you focused and on track and a specially designed fat burning programme to follow outside of our weekly sessions to help maximise your results.


The LOSE IT FOR LIFE Weight Loss Courses


New Habits – New Body

Most people have a basic grasp of what it takes to lose weight despite their own successes with actually being able to lose weight or not. For example, I’m sure you will agree that if you consistently move more and eat a little less, the likelihood over time is you will lose weight. I’m sure you will also agree that excessive chocolate, sweets, alcohol and overeating are a sure fire way to gain weight, where lots of regular exercise, drinking water and eating fresh vegetables are a good way of losing weight. 

Why is it then that people struggle so much with losing just a few pounds? 

The last twenty years of coaching people to lose weight has taught me, it’s not about what people know, it’s about what they are prepared to do, consistently over time. 

In simple terms, if we change your habits, we can change your body.  It’s that simple.

On the Lose it For Life course you will be challenged with changing one fat burning habit a week, which I will talk you through fully as part of our weekly workshops.  The idea is with each week, we will add a new habit to work on.  These will be from portion control to self sabotage and emotional eating

By the end of the 6 weeks you will be successfully doing 6 new habit based behaviours – all designed for maximum fat loss and up to 12lbs lighter than when you started. This is just the beginning though… My course students ALL continue to lose weight by reducing body-fat after the course has finished with the skills and tools I teach on the course.  

In addition, as part of our weekly session, we take measures to keep you focused and to ensure your results are on track. Finally, to keep you accountable and to provide extra motivation outside of our sessions I ask you to ‘check in’ on your daily habits and provide motivational fat burning workouts for you to complete all via my online training app. 


Simply send me an email to let me know you are interested.

Feeling glum about your body?

Learn how to create fat burning habits to easily lose weight.

Stay motivated outside of our weekly sessions with fun, fat burning workouts via my online training app.

Lose weight during and after the programme using the helpful tools provided.


Course Structure

The six week course is broken down to provide solutions to six major causes of chronic weight gain, which I will take you through in detail during the workshop phase of the evening.

The evenings themselves are 2 hours long and are broken down into three main phases:

Weigh in & Body Composition Test

At the start of the evening, we do a very quick weigh in (not publicly) and measure you with a tape to record your weekly progress.  This is so I can coach you as the course goes by based on your results on a weekly basis.

Weekly Workshop

The Workshop is the bulk of the evening and where I provide the weekly solutions to losing weight and the habits needed to keep it off long term.

Habit Check In’s & Motivational fat Burning Workouts to Follow

My biggest challenge is a coach is what my clients do when they are away from our sessions.  Via my easy to use online training app, you can stay accountable by following specially designed fat burning workouts and ‘check in’ on your daily habits to stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

Course Content

Week One 

Controlling Calories

I explain the importance of reducing calories to lose weight and how to  create easy to adhere to habits to naturally reduce down your food intake without feeling like you are eating less.

Week Four 

Emotional Eating

In this workshop we look at how we are all positively affected by foods considered bad for us.  I explain the mysteries of why we comfort eat and then provide you with a simple, easy to follow habit to practice to control the cravings.

Week Two 

So, What Should I Eat?

In this workshop we discover the best foods to eat to lose weight and get healthier.  For example, did you know that high volume / low calorie foods mean you can eat more and still lose weight?

Week Five 

Managing Self Sabotage

Self sabotage is an emotional response to something we often fear or are afraid we cannot do successfully.  In this workshop I reveal simple strategies to ensure you no longer stop yourself from succeeding with your weight loss goals.

Week Three 

Boosting Your Energy

Energy comes from the foods we eat. In this workshop I show you how to optimise both WHAT and WHEN to eat for maximum benefits for both boosting your energy and fat burning potential.

Week Six 

Lose Weight While Eating Out

Losing weight can be incredibly challenging when surrounded by people who may lead you astray. This week I provide simple solutions for staying motivated and on track during family take out night, eating at friends houses, and visiting restaurants with friends.


Simply send me an email to let me know you are interested.


What They Are Saying

Lowri Poole, 35 says: 

Having struggled with my weight for the entirety of my adult life, LOSE IT FOR LIFE has been truly transformational. Each week had a clear focus and built upon the previous week’s learning, so that the quantity of information was never overwhelming.

Danny is a brilliant communicator and he always took time to make sure that we had understood the concepts that were being introduced. He created a positive forum for us to discuss our thoughts and experiences, without ever putting pressure on anyone to contribute.

Where this course differs from others is in the focus on evidence-based strategies for healthy nutrition, teaching participants how to eat healthily for life rather than focusing on weight loss and short-term goals. Having said that, the whole group did lose a staggering amount of weight, and we all felt sad when the eight weeks came to a close!

Another area in which this course stands apart is in the phenomenal level of personalisation and support that we received from Danny both in person and via phone and email. The weekly workouts were fun, challenging and geared to a variety of fitness levels.

Several weeks on from completing the course, I am continuing to lose weight and gain muscle thanks to tools that I learned on the programme and, more importantly, my relationship with food has permanently changed for the better.

Weight Lost – 11lbs

Julie Owen, 53 Says:

“The LOSE IT FOR LIFE  Programme is a must for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off. The workouts were fun and challenging and the social aspect of the group really helped with my support and motivation.”

Weight Lost – 10lbs

Wendy Jones, 44 says:

“My weight has been up and down for years because I didn’t really understand how fat loss worked properly.  Danny is a fantastic teacher and made it all so clear and simple.”

Weight Lost – 15lbs

Sam Bradshaw, 47 says:

“Doing this programme has been a massive eye opener! I have not only lost more weight than I imagined I would, but I am so much more confident in myself.  Thanks so much Danny.”

Weight Lost – 12lbs

What's Included in The LOSE IT FOR LIFE Programme?

Weekly Workshops

For a 6 week period, we meet once a week to help solve common 'habit' based problems associated with losing weight. Overeating, self sabotage, comfort food, and even good old fashioned laziness.  I provide helpful, motivational solutions in our fun, supportive workshops.

Fat Burning Workouts

To keep you motivated outside of our workshops, I have created specially designed fat burning workouts (for all levels of ability) which you can follow via my easy to use online training app.  All workouts come with video demonstrations and all the detail you need to complete your workouts safely and effectively.  

FREE Ebook Support

To accompany the course, you will receive a FREE Ebook with all the course content to save you taking notes.  Use as a reference point or as a tool to maintain your weight loss after the 6 week programme finishes. 

Social Support

Don't worry, you are not alone... Meet other people with the same levels of fitness and weight loss problems as you.  I provide 24/7 email support outside of our sessions to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Create Fat Burning Habits

Most people know what it takes to lose weight, but don't often do those things consistently enough to make a difference. Learn how to easily create simple, everyday habits that will boost fat loss without having to even think about it. 

Never Feel Overweight Again

The programme isn't a quick fix, a fad, a diet plan or a point system.  There are no food restrictions or foods you can't have.  Instead you will simply learn how to have a healthier relationship with food and to create fat burning food-based habits that will last you the rest of your life. 

Have a Question?

It’s totally natural to want to know more if you are considering booking on to the course.  To help you with any uncertainties you may have or to clarify anything which seems unclear, I have created a Frequently Asked Questions post specifically for my LOSE IT FOR LIFE course.

If you would like to chat with me personally, you can of course email me your details via my Contact Me page and I will be happy to call you and discuss things 1-2-1 over the phone.

Prices, Dates & Reserve Your Space

Prices & Special Offers

Special Early Bird 25% Discount Offer: £228 per person*

Normal Price: £285 per person

Please note a non refundable £50 deposit will be charged to secure your booking (discounted from main price). Once your space is reserved, I will contact you personally and we can then arrange a secure balance transfer to secure your space. 

*25% discount only applies to those who secure their booking space a minimum of two weeks before the advertised start date.

Maximum 10 people per course  – private or commercial group bookings available on request.

2019 Course Dates

To improve my customer journey and course experience, 2019 will see the brand new integration of my traditional Lose it For Life Programme alongside my Online Training application.

My biggest challenge as a coach is keeping man clients motivated and focused outside of our sessions and workshops.  The introduction of my training app means the Lose it For Life experience will keep you on track towards achieving your goals on a daily basis and not just once a week when you attend the workshops.

The app will offer all my course participants a much deeper level of accountability and vastly improved service, which I am extremely excited about.

Currently, my online application is undergoing a massive overhaul with new, exciting features being added.  Once the app goes live (hopefully in August 2019) I will be posting dates to advertise my next course.

To register your interest, please leave me a message in my contact form below.  Registering early will guarantee you an early bird discount and space on my next available course.

I will look forward to seeing you soon!

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