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How 1-2-1 Training Can Help You

Increase Confidence

I can offer you specific exercise and nutrition advice which will make your body leaner, healthier and slimmer leaving you feeling a heightened sense of confidence.

Change Your Body Shape

Tone up, lose weight and increase muscle tone.  Get back into the favourite pair of jeans you haven't worn for a while and feel happy in your body. 

Increase Your Energy

Eating healthier and specific training methods will boost weight loss, health, energy, well being and improve the quality of your skin. I can show you how.  

Feel More Youthful

Improved posture, total body strength, increased flexibility and a stronger core will allow your body to move better, be able to do more and leave you feeling younger and more capable.  

What My Clients Say...

"I've had trainers in the past, but Danny is by far the best. He properly listens to me, works me hard, but goes easy on me when I need it. I've lost 3 1/2 stone with Danny's help and my confidence is now at an all time high. Thank you!'

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Siobhan Mackey // 45

"When I first went to see Danny my tummy was saggy, I felt ten years older than my age and I hated the idea of wearing a swimming costume. Now, my. tummy is flat, I am 2 stone lighter and wore a bikini on holiday this year!"

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Emma Smith // 53

"Danny is fab! I never thought my body shape would change until Danny showed me how easy it could be. I've never worked with a coach who truly listens and cares about his client's so much.  Thanks Danny, you are a star"

1-2-1 Personal Training Client

Jane Mitchell // 38

1-2-1 Personal Training Services  

Exclusive Studio 1-2-1 Training

I can train you from my private personal training studio based in South East London

Online Remote 1-2-1 Training

I can train you anywhere in the world, remotely online with no need for exercise kit or in your home gym 

1-2-1 Studio Based Training

Training in our 1-2-1 studio provides a welcoming, friendly and fun environment for you to exclusive workout in. Our aim is to consistently offer an unrivalled level of customer service starting from when we meet you at the door to when we wave you goodbye after your session.

We work solely 1-2-1 with our clients or in very small groups.  The studio is exclusive only to our clients and we work on a strict appointment only basis so you have no interruptions during your time with us, which guarantees our 100% attention and focus during your session.     

large, open plan training environment

Our studio boasts a 2,200 square foot, open plan, fully equipped training space over two floors. Having only two full time trainers using the downstairs studio (myself and my business partner Paul Folan) you can always be guaranteed a large amount of training space exclusively for yourself. 

private & exclusive

One of the main reasons people visit us at the studio is to be away from the prying eyes of other gym goers in commercial gyms.  Exercise can be a daunting and nerve racking experience for some people. Our studio provides a safe, exclusive and private way for you to workout in confidence. 

Fully Equipped to help you achieve

We pride ourselves that our studio is fully equipped with all the latest exercise equipment needed to help you achieve your goals. We also offer a changing room and shower facilities and complementary sweat towels to keep you comfortable while working out. 

Online 1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions

The other way to train with me is online via video streaming services.  This is a method which has proven extremely popular recently as there are huge advantages involved in the process. I work in exactly the same way I do in my studio and offer the same level of high client care and attention. 


Train anywhere in the world

One of the obvious restrictions of having a studio is my clients have to travel to me. Via online video streaming you can be literally anywhere in the world where there is a wifi signal.  I have trained clients on the beach while on holiday, in hotel rooms while they travel for work or simply in the comfort of their own home.  Now you can workout with me wherever you are. 

No Gym? No Problem!

As a trainer with 22 years of experience, I am versatile in my methods.  You can train at home extremely effectively with little to no workout equipment. My recent workout videos are proof of this! I can train you anywhere with little to no kit at all.  We are good to go with just your own body weight for resistance. 

save time & be more productive 

Let's be honest, an hours gym workout is never just an hour. You have to travel, often in a busy rush hour commute, deal with trains running late or busy traffic, just to repeat it all over again on the way home. A one hour session can take up to three hours in some cases.  Training online takes all this stress away. Simply start your session and when its over, you're already at home, leaving you more productive, stress free time in your day.  

How to Get Started With 1-2-1 Personal Training

Just 3 Simple Steps...


Book a FREE Consultation

Contact me arrange a complementary, no obligation 60 minute phone or video call to discuss your goals.  

I will explain how I can help begin to move you forward toward what you would like to achieve.  

If you decide the fit isn’t right, you are under no obligation to take things any further.


1-2-1 Assessment

In order to properly prescribe exercises, I need an understanding of how your body works. Your strengths, weakness & how your body moves. 

An online assessment can be carried in my studio if you would like to train with me in person or online via zoom, FaceTime or Skype and takes around  60 minutes.  

I then use the information gathered along with your goals to create your personalised plan moving forward. The cost is the same as a single PT session.


We Book Our Sessions & Get Started!

How often you see me for training is up to you. Most of my clients see me weekly, some a few times per week.  Others prefer an 'ad hoc' basis where they check in every few weeks while also following my Custom Workouts via my Training App. 

My job is to be flexible around you and I am happy to explain all your training options during your consultation. 

1-2-1 Personal Training Prices

Step One

No charge, no obligation chat to discuss your needs





  • Up to 60 minutes
  • In person / phone / video call
  • No obligation & no charge
  • Helpful, friendly & professional 
payment Option 2
1-2-1 Single Session Fee

The best option For Pay As You Go clients  




  • No long term financial commitment
  • Book sessions when it suits you
  • Flexibility & freedom
  • Cash or balance transfer

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