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Your transaction has been successfully completed and we have emailed you a receipt for your purchase. If you need more information about your online membership, including how to cancel your direct debit, please visit the Go Cardless Customer FAQ website for more information.  

Accessing our Zoom based classes couldn't be easier. First make sure you have the 'Zoom' app downloaded to your device, then simply click the blue link below where it says 'Join Zoom Meeting'.

If you are early to class, you will be taken to a virtual waiting room where I will then let you in once the class is ready to begin.  The link is the same for all our classes.  Please remember to only attend the classes you are paying for.  

It's a good idea to copy the class links to your 'notes' section in your phone so as not to lose them. 

Danny's Total Body Training Fitness Classes

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 225 894 5534
Passcode: 494648

We will also email you the Zoom class links within 12 hours of you signing up (be sure to check your junk box if you don't see the email as business email addresses sadly sometimes get confused as spam).  We are a small business and email all our clients personally who sign up to our memberships, hence the time frame.  In the meantime, this link will work fine.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Keep scrolling for our class best practices for tips on getting the most out of our online experience.  I very much appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you for your first workout soon!

Kind Regards


"Danny's online classes are exactly what I need right now! It's a fun, challenging 45 minutes of exercise with multiple options fore the exercises which let me choose how hard I want to work. Great for me as a beginner!

Total Body Training Class Client

Anna Olsen // 42

"I am so glad I found Danny's class! His workouts are amazing!!! He is able to balance professional coaching while keeping us entertained and smiling throughout.  Lovely guy and very effective workouts."

Total Body Training Class Client

Emma Smith // 53

"I've been looking for something physical to do while on lockdown and Danny's class is perfect. Its fun, works the whole body and is the best class I have found online so far.  Can't recommend enough!"

Total Body Training Class Client

Jane Mitchell // 28

Online Best Practice Tips 

Set Up Zoom

Before you access the class, be sure to remember to download the Zoom app.  You can't access the classes without it.  You don't need to set up an account, just the link to the classes

Bluetooth Headphones Are Recommended

When you are exercising and moving around, it can sometimes be hard to hear what I am saying through the small speakers of your device. A good idea is to connect bluetooth headphones to your device so you can hear my instructions clearly, no matter how hard you are working

Use 'Speaker' View on Zoom

Zoom allows you to use two views... Gallery view allows you to see everyone else in the room.  This means I become a small window in the corner of your screen and hard to follow.  It can also make things distracting for you when trying to exercise. Instead switch to 'speaker' view and your screen will only be occupied by me making our classes a much more personalised experience for you

Work at Your Own Pace

My classes are fairly challenging in order to cater for the broad range of people who attend. I always offer multi level options for each exercise, so if you are new, or not feeling your fittest, please work at a pace which you feel is enjoyable and sustainable 

Looking Forward to Seeing You In Class!

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