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Lose it For Life Body Transformation Programme


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Boost Your Confidence


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The LOSE IT FOR LIFE Body Transformation Programme

Feeling glum about your body?

Learn how to create fat burning habits to easily lose weight.

Enjoy our weekly fat burning exercise class with like-minded people.

Lose weight during and after the programme using the helpful tools provided.

I have spent the last 20 years as a professional trainer and nutrition coach helping people battle the psychological barriers that stop them from losing weight.  I wrote the Lose if For Life Body Transformation Programme to help normal, everyday people learn to deal with the emotional and habit based reasons we gain weight in the first place. 

If we change your habits, we can change your body.  It's that simple.

You will be challenged with changing one habit a week, which I will talk you through fully as part of our weekly workshops.  The idea is with each week, we will add a new habit to work on.  These will be from portion control to self sabotage and emotional eating

By the end of the 6 weeks you will be successfully doing 6 new habit based behaviours - all designed for maximum fat loss and up to 12lbs lighter than when you started. This is just the beginning though... My course students ALL continue to lose weight by reducing body-fat after the course has finished with the skills and tools I teach on the course.  

In addition, as part of our weekly session, we take measures to keep you focused and to ensure your results are on track. Finally, we have our fun, weekly H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Workout) group exercise session at the end of the evening to boost your fitness and maximise your results.


What They Are Saying


"Having struggled with my weight for the entirety of my adult life, LOSE IT FOR LIFE has been truly transformational. Each week had a clear focus and built upon the previous week’s learning, so that the quantity of information was never overwhelming.

Danny is a brilliant communicator and he always took time to make sure that we had understood the concepts that were being introduced. He created a positive forum for us to discuss our thoughts and experiences, without ever putting pressure on anyone to contribute.

Where this course differs from others is in the focus on evidence-based strategies for healthy nutrition, teaching participants how to eat healthily for life rather than focusing on weight loss and short-term goals. Having said that, the whole group did lose a staggering amount of weight, and we all felt sad when the eight weeks came to a close!

Another area in which this course stands apart is in the phenomenal level of personalisation and support that we received from Danny both in person and via phone and email. The weekly workouts were fun, challenging and geared to a variety of fitness levels.

Several weeks on from completing the course, I am continuing to lose weight and gain muscle thanks to tools that I learned on the programme and, more importantly, my relationship with food has permanently changed for the better."

Weight Lost - 11lbs

Lowri Poole, 35

"The LOSE IT FOR LIFE  Programme is a must for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off. The workouts were fun and challenging and the social aspect of the group really helped with my support and motivation."

Weight Lost - 10lbs

Julie Owen, 53

"My weight has been up and down for years because I didn't really understand how fat loss worked properly.  Danny is a fantastic teacher and made it all so clear and simple."

Weight Lost - 15lbs

Wendy Jones, 44

"Doing this programme has been a massive eye opener! I have not only lost more weight than I imagined I would, but I am so much more confident in myself.  Thanks so much Danny!!"

Weight Lost - 12lbs

Sam Bradshaw, 47

"I had never considered that my food based habits would be such an easy thing to take control of. Now I have lost weight, feel great and am at last, feeling more confident with my body. Thanks so much Danny!!"

Weight Lost - 11lbs

Jenny Brooke, 49

"Having done other weight loss courses before, I wasn't sure if this would work for me.  It was so much better than I imagined! No dieting and I could still eat what I wanted. I loved the group exercise classes and am now so much fitter.  Thank you!"

Weight Lost - 9lbs

Claire Tillbrooke, 55

"Doing this course has changed my life completely. I never thought I would lose as much weight as I did and I am thrilled with the result. Danny has been so supportive throughout"

Weight Lost - 14lbs

Susan Jacobs, 36

What's Included in The LOSE IT FOR LIFE Programme?

Weekly Workshops

For a 6 week period, we meet once a week to help solve common 'habit' based problems associated with losing weight. Overeating, self sabotage, comfort food, and even good old fashioned laziness.  I provide helpful, motivational solutions in our fun, supportive workshops.

Fat Burning Workouts

As part of our weekly sessions, I offer a fun, motivational, high energy group workout.  Specifically designed for maximum fat loss, I have designed specific workouts to maximise your fitness, toning and fat burning potential.

FREE Ebook Support

To accompany the course, you will receive a FREE Ebook with all the course content to save you taking notes.  Use as a reference point or as a tool to maintain your weight loss after the 6 week programme finishes. 

Social Support

Don't worry, you are not alone... Meet other people with the same levels of fitness and weight loss problems as you.  I provide 24/7 email support outside of our sessions to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Create Fat Burning Habits

Most people know what it takes to lose weight, but don't often do those things consistently enough to make a difference. Learn how to easily create simple, everyday habits that will boost fat loss without having to even think about it. 

Never Feel Overweight Again

The programme isn't a quick fix, a fad, a diet plan or a point system.  There are no food restrictions or foods you can't have.  Instead you will simply learn how to have a healthier relationship with food and to create fat burning food-based habits that will last you the rest of your life. 

Have a Question?

It’s totally natural to want to know more if you are considering booking on to the course.  To help you with any uncertainties you may have or to clarify anything which seems unclear, I have created a Frequently Asked Questions post specifically for my LOSE IT FOR LIFE course.

If you would like to chat with me personally, you can of course email me your details via my Contact Me page and I will be happy to call you and discuss things 1-2-1 over the phone.

Prices, Dates & Reserve Your Space

September 2018 Course Dates

Thursday Evenings 7pm - 9pm

Week 1 - Thursday 13th September 2018 (7pm - 9pm)

Week 2 - Thursday 20th September 2018 (7pm - 9pm) 

Week 3 - Thursday 27th September 2018 (7pm - 9pm) 

Week 4 - Thursday 4th October 2018 (7pm - 9pm) 

Week 5 - Thursday 11th October 2018 (7pm - 9pm) 

Week 6 - Thursday 18th October 2018 (7pm - 9pm) 

Pricing & Special Offers

Special Early Bird 25% Discount Offer: 

£225 per person*

Normal Price:

£281 per person

Please note a non refundable £50 deposit will be charged to secure your booking (discounted from main price). Once your space is reserved, I will contact you personally and we can then arrange a secure balance transfer to secure your space. 

25% discount only applies to those who secure their booking space on or before 1st September 2018.

Maximum 10 people per course  - private or commercial group bookings available on request.


Reserve Your Space

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