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LOSE IT FOR LIFE: Body Transformation Programme FAQs

By Danny Wallis Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach

August 7, 2018

LOSE IT FOR LIFE: Body Transformation Programme is a brand new course I created in January 2018 to show people simple, yet effective steps to reduce body fat. I created this post to help those who maybe interested in joining the LOSE IT FOR LIFE programme to understand exactly what it’s about and answer any questions you may have about the process.

What is the LOSE IT FOR LIFE: Body Transformation Programme all about?

The programme is a six week course which was designed to help you successfully reduce body fat for the rest of your life. We achieve this by simply addressing common habits and behaviours (some of which, we’re not always conscious of) which can cause people to gain weight in the first place.

How does it work?

We meet once a week for a two hour session throughout the 6 week period. The groups are small & you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people all looking to achieve a similar goals. Each week, during the two hour session, you will be able to take part in a group training workout (specifically designed to maximise fat loss) and have your weekly measures taken to ensure you are on the right path, recording your progress. The bulk of the evening is then made of the LOSE IT FOR LIFE workshop.

Within workshop we tackle one of the most common causes of weight gain. For example – Eating emotionally: Grabbing food on-the-go, self sabotage, peer pressure from others to name a few. You will be shown simple, easy-to-follow processes to practice in the week(s) ahead based on overcoming these psychological obstacles to support you in achieving your personal goal.

Over time, following small/simple instructions you will naturally create new habits. Habits are part of our every day routine which disappear into our subconscious. Once you have developed a subconscious fat-burning habit, losing weight will be easy.

On this course, you will be taught six key habits to ensure your fat burning potential is maximised.

Is it the same as going to a slimming club?

Definitely not. Instead of creating a ‘dieting’ mindset, you will be encouraged to eat more of the right types of foods. You will never be hungry and you won’t be told what you can’t have. No foods are off the table.

Instead of learning restrictive point systems or classifying food as a ‘sin’, you will be encouraged to think of good or bad choices when it comes to what you eat, rather than good or bad foods. Food after all isn’t bad, it is one of life’s most amazing experiences! You will be encouraged to consider the outcomes of your food based choices rather than identifying certain food groups as good or bad.

Who presents the course?

For those new to my website, my name is Danny Wallis. I have been a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach since 1998 and have worked help transform body shapes for literally thousands of people during that time.

I am also a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach which helps people overcome psychological barriers. I wrote the LOSE IT FOR LIFE programme using my NLP, Nutrition and Personal Training expertise to create a long lasting fat loss practices unlike anything else within this field.

What will I have to do?

I have made the LOSE IT FOR LIFE process as simple as possible for all delegates. Of course, you will need to show up each week for the course, but, most importantly, you must be prepared and open to change. The changes we make to your daily routines are small and subtle, but they do require consistency and focus. The people who have had the best results on my courses aren’t the most fit, they are the ones who want it the most and are prepared to put the work in.

You will be challenged with adopting one new food based habit every week. You will be offered the first practice on week one, adding a new habit each week for the duration. By the time you finish the course, you will be practicing six new fat burning habits all at the same time.

In order to maximise the experience, you must be prepared to look at your existing food habits and, potentially, be prepared change the way you eat/think about food. This course is about what you eat, yes, but it’s more geared toward how you eat.

How much weight will I lose?

You can expect to lose between 1 – 2 pounds per week during the 6 week process, of course, this will depend on how much you would like to lose to begin with. The LOSE IT FOR LIFE course is not designed to be a ‘quick weight loss fix’, however… In January 2018, one of my clients took part. Over the duration of the course lost a total of 11lbs. I’m writing this post in July 2018 and at this stage she has gone on to lose a total of 35lbs using the tools she adopted in the LOSE IT FOR LIFE course at the start of the year.

The programme has been designed to almost ‘draw a line in the sand’ and address behaviours toward food. A diet is simply restricting yourself from the things you like for a short period of time. Your success with this programme establishes long-term solutions in reducing body fat and arming you with tools to keep off those unwanted pounds for the rest of your life.

What kind of people book on the LOSE IT FOR LIFE course?

The course is open to everyone over the age of 16yrs. It is a unique experience for anyone who wants to lose unwanted body fat and improve their health, long term. Everyone is welcome! No judgement or criticisms, only coaching and encouragement.

Will I be fit enough to do the exercises?

Yes! The exercise classes all have multiple options for every exercise so the workouts are tailored accordingly to everyone’s specific needs. Your health and fitness levels are fully considered and specific exercises will be offered to suit your needs. You are guaranteed a good workout, but at a level which is completely manageable for you.

How much does it cost?

The current prices for my next course will be on my LOSE IT FOR LIFE website page https://www.dannywallispt.com/lose-it-for-life/ – I always offer an early bird 20% discount to people who book early to secure there space

How do I book my space on the next LOSE IT FOR LIFE course?

All you need to do is simply fill out the enquiry form on my web page (linked above) to register your interest. I will then email you to confirm your registration and offer a quick courtesy call to introduce myself, answer any questions you may have and put your mind at ease about the process. Thereafter, a £50 deposit is requested to secure your space (Deducted from the total cost of the course) – Simple!

Like to know more?

For more details on my next course, including prices, testimonials, early bird discounts, location and booking details, please visit my LOSE IT FOR LIFE webpage.

About the author

Danny Wallis is a Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, NLP Life Coach and Nutrition Advisor, with over 20 years experience in helping people achieve their goals.

Danny Wallis

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