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Welcome to my Recommended Fitness Products page.  All of the fitness products I recommend here are either items which help me run my personal training business, or which I use for my own training and exercise needs.

Clients and people I know ask me for recommendations all the time regarding exercise equipment, protein supplements and workout gear. I have tried and tested every item on this page and would never recommend anything I haven’t personally used. The idea of this page is to simply put all those recommendations into one place. Ideally, this will then help make your life that little bit easier when looking for that great new piece of kit.

All the links on this page will take you directly to, a website I have been using for years and trust implicitly. The links here are affiliate links which means if you purchase the product using these links, Amazon pay me a (very) small commission. Its not much, but it all helps!


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Foam Roller

Foam rolling is a fantastic way to reduce muscle tension. Using a foam roll regularly will help promote muscle mobility and to help reduce physical stress, aches and pains.  To learn more about foam rolling, check out my post ‘How to Fix Your Sore Office Back’.

I own this foam roller for my own personal use and bought it from Amazon around 5 years ago. Unlike other brands, this has completed retained its shape and is still as firm and reliable today as the day I bought it.

Protein Powder

In terms of protein supplements, PHD Diet Whey is my hands down favourite.  It has low sugar and salt content and contains L-Carnitine and green tea to assist fat burning with BCAA’s to assist rebuilding muscle after exercise.  It also comes in a variety of flavours including belgium chocolate, chocolate orange, chocolate mint and salted caramel.

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Bluetooth Headphones

I’ve been wishing for ‘truly’ wireless bluetooth headphones for a while.  When I saw these I had to give them a go.  The sound is brilliant with great bass and treble while the little docking station both keeps the earbuds safe and charges them when not in use.  For around £35 these are so much better value than Apples Ear Pods and work really well.

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Braided Exercise Tubes

Having been in the fitness industry for 20 years, these exercise tubes are without a doubt, THE BEST I have ever worked with. The braided styling means they are reinforced and super strong. The build quality of these bands are amazing. They are not the cheapest, but they are the best and will last you forever. I only discovered them recently and they are quite hard to find elsewhere for this pricing.

If you are working out from home, in the park or on the go, these are a perfect addition to your workout kit. To see how you can train your entire body using resistance bands, check out my Resistance Band Workout: Total Body in 9 Moves.

Bosu Stability Trainer

Did you know BOSU is an acronym for Both Sides Up? Bosu’s are a fantastic versatile tool which can be used for total body stability, strength, conditioning, core and rehabilitation based purposes.

I have been using BOSU’s with my clients and personally in my own workouts for nearly two decades.  It has become an integral piece of kit at my studio and an essential tool for my own workouts. It is easy to get to grips with and maintenance free.

The version I am recommending here is the commercial version.  There is a slightly cheaper home version available, but personally the build quality, durability and strength of the commercial version is worth the extra few pounds in my opinion.

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