Stay Motivated: 5 Ways to Vary Your Workout Routine

To stay motivated with your fitness over a long period of time means ensuring you vary your workouts from time to time. Keeping things varied and interesting stops you from getting bored, and seeing your workouts as a chore. In addition, varying your exercise may also shock your body into actually achieving something new. That is after all, how developmental exercise […]

New fitness solutions for the danny wallis personal training blog

Brand New Fitness Solutions to The DWPT Blog

2017 is proving to be an interesting and exciting year of change. In addition to buying a new home, I am also just about to turn 40 and enter a brand new decade of my life. As life progresses, my blog and website are evolving with me. This is demonstrated with a new platform of online fitness solutions. There are many […]

5 benefits of stretching dannywallispt

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Be Stretching More

Suppleness is one of the five main components of fitness which include strength, speed, skill and stamina. Stretching for suppleness is something, in my opinion, which often gets overlooked or bolted on the end of workouts and normally lasts just a few minutes, if at all. As a professional fitness coach of 20 years, I can say from experience (for […]

Workout Recovery: 5 ways to promote growth and repair

Workout Recovery: 5 Ways to Promote Muscle Growth & Repair

Recovery after a workout is essential. In short, training puts stress on our muscles, joints and soft tissues, physically breaking our muscles down. As traumatic as that may sound, this is actually a very normal, healthy part of working out. Contrary to popular belief, training doesn’t build you up, it actually breaks you down. The ‘breaking down’ of our muscle […]

How to manage a sports injury

Sprains & Strains: How to Manage a Sports Injury

Sports injuries aren’t necessarily about sport. Strains & sprains can happen simply rolling your foot in a pothole while walking down the road. In this post, I offer some advice on how to manage a soft tissue sports injury and help you move on with your daily routine as safely yet as quickly as possible… Let’s assume you have rolled your […]

top ten fitness questions

YOUR Top Ten Fitness Questions

  Back in November 2015, I wrote a Frequently Asked Questions post based queries my clients asked me most as their Personal Trainer. This week, to help and support others within the community, I decided to write a similar post asking people via Facebook and Twitter what questions they would like answered… and here they are! Jo asked… 1) “If you have […]


How to be Consistent with Healthy Eating & Exercise

Being consistent with healthy eating and exercise is tough for most people in the New Year period. January is a time when we often contemplate the idea of positive, healthy changes for ourselves. Overindulgence during the Christmas period is often a great motivator to start afresh and move towards the summer feeling healthier, leaner and fitter. The challenge, however, is […]


6 Health & Fitness Remedies to Stop You Feeling Burnt Out

Feeling physically burnt-out can leave you feeling lifeless. For example, do you sometimes feel like your legs are so heavy that simply walking feels like hard work? Tiredness can affect us all and when it does, it can cause greater problems than simply feeling extra sleepy. Let’s face it, life is busy. Demanding schedules and the stress of our day to day […]


Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands (S.A.I.D Principle)

  S.A.I.D is an acronym which stands for ‘Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands’ and, if you’re struggling reaching your goals, it could be the reason you’re not progressing with your workouts. But what does it mean? We Adapt to What We Do Basically, the body is clever and will adapt specifically to what you to do it; Sit all day eating cheeseburgers and […]


DWPT Guide To Joining a Gym

January Motivation As we enter January the annual event of taking stock of ones life and making decisions to improve our fitness, health and well-being is in the forefront of our minds. Motivation runs high and as we turn our back on Christmas, our attention starts to focus on the coming months. Along with a New Year often comes the promise to ourselves this […]