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Back Strengthening Exercises: How to Rebuild Your Sore ‘Office Back’

As a fitness trainer and sports therapist with over 20 years experience; meeting people with a history of back pain is incredibly common. Poor posture or ‘Office Back’ has a lot to do with most people’s chronic back pain. Sitting consistently for long periods of time can cause postural abnormalities and mechanical imbalances. This simply means certain muscles in the […]

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5 Functional Training Exercises for Fitness, Strength & Fat Loss

If you are new to the term ‘Functional Training’, it simply refers to a method of exercise which involves training the body for the activities we perform every day. Functional Training For Life A squat is essentially the movement we use to get up out of a chair. A tricep dip replicates the joint action of getting out of the bath. These […]


Dynamic Stretching Workout: Mobilise Your Body in 10 Steps

  Dynamic stretching regularly does not just make you more flexible… A structured dynamic stretch routine performed consistently will help relieve existing aches and pains, improve overall movement, feel better and increase performance. Stretching and moving clears the physical stresses we hold in the body which create a feeling of calm and well-being. This then allows us to focus more on […]


Ski Fitness Workout: How to Get Fit for the Slopes

It’s January time, mid winter and the skiing season is now upon us. While you may be looking forward to the exhilaration of hurtling down the slopes, the question needs to be asked; Is your body ready for the challenge? While skiing can be a hugely enjoyable outdoor activity, it can also be incredibly stressful on the body and can […]

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Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees

   _ This weeks post ‘Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees’ is a continuation from my previous post entitled ‘Knee Pain: Solutions to Common Problems’. In that post we looked at some of the causes of knee pain and I offered some basic advice to help manage the different situations which can present themselves. Today’s post is simply directed at the […]


15 Minute Workout Video: Boost Your Fitness, Endurance & Fat Loss!

For my latest post I have created a total body 15 minute workout video specifically designed for beginners who are new to exercise. Considering the warm weather is (supposedly) on its way, I have been asked a lot about the best way to get fit for the summer months by those who have no real workout experience. Interactive 15 Minute Workout Video To help […]


Stability Workout: Balance Builds Muscle

Stability Workout: Getting Started With over 20 years experience as a Personal Trainer, experience has taught me people generally decide to begin 1-2-1 coaching sessions for one of three main reasons… 1) They are complete newbies to exercise and don’t know where to start. 2) They feel intimidated about training on their own and feel they need extra support and encouragement. 3) They […]