How To Reduce neck and Shoulder Tension

How to Reduce Shoulder & Neck Tension

  Neck and shoulder tension, for some people, can literally be a pain in the neck.  Tight, tense muscles can cause headaches, knotted muscle, impingement issues and often become a major cause of soft tissue pain. In today’s post I am going to show you some really simple exercises which you can do anywhere to help relieve the symptoms of your tension. […]


Ski Fitness Workout: How to Get Fit for the Slopes

It’s January time, mid winter and the skiing season is now upon us. While you may be looking forward to the exhilaration of hurtling down the slopes, the question needs to be asked; Is your body ready for the challenge? While skiing can be a hugely enjoyable outdoor activity, it can also be incredibly stressful on the body and can […]


How to be Consistent with Healthy Eating & Exercise

Being consistent with healthy eating and exercise is tough for most people in the New Year period. January is a time when we often contemplate the idea of positive, healthy changes for ourselves. Overindulgence during the Christmas period is often a great motivator to start afresh and move towards the summer feeling healthier, leaner and fitter. The challenge, however, is […]