exercises to strengthen your knees

Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees

   _ This weeks post ‘Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees’ is a continuation from my previous post entitled ‘Knee Pain: Solutions to Common Problems’. In that post we looked at some of the causes of knee pain and I offered some basic advice to help manage the different situations which can present themselves. Today’s post is simply directed at the […]

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Knee Pain: Solutions to Common Problems

Knee Pain Facts: Knee pain can occur because of tightness and weakness in the muscles Sitting for long periods (a scenario which I call ‘office back’) can lead to chronic knee pain Appropriate exercises can often remedy some causes of chronic knee pain  Strengthening the Glutes (buttock) and Core (abdominal) muscles can decrease some cases of knee pain. Dealing with […]


6 Health & Fitness Remedies to Stop You Feeling Burnt Out

Feeling physically burnt-out can leave you feeling lifeless. For example, do you sometimes feel like your legs are so heavy that simply walking feels like hard work? Tiredness can affect us all and when it does, it can cause greater problems than simply feeling extra sleepy. Let’s face it, life is busy. Demanding schedules and the stress of our day to day […]