Claim Back Your Body Confidence With My 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Let's get you into those fitted jeans and feeling good about what you see when you look in the mirror 

Introducing The Lose it For Life Challenge

What is The Lose it For Life and how will it help me?

Kickstart 12 is my flagship twelve week online training program to help professional ladies and busy mums claim back their body confidence and improve how they feel about their body... Both in, and out of clothes. 

I understand you are busy and probably exhausted. Life is full on and you may find it hard to prioritise yourself. Over the years unhealthy nutrition habits may have crept in and your life leaves you little time for exercise and activity. 

During your twelve week challenge I will personally help support, encourage and show you how to create new, healthier food and lifestyle habits to increase your energy.

I will create you short, yet effective workouts to easily fit into your hectic week. I will also teach you how to begin feeling better about your body to help you discover a happier and healthier version of you.

Build body confidence with Danny Wallis Personal Trainer


What my clients are saying...

(Facebook Reviews Rating)

"I had no idea what online coaching was until a friend referred me to Danny. Now, I am a stone lighter, my posture is better, my back hurts less and I have the freedom to exercise when and where I want to." 

Janet Williams // 48

"I can't thank Danny enough for his patience &  support.  My body confidence was zero when I met him and my diet terrible. Now I am leaner, healthier, look better and have better habits with food and exercise. Thank you!"

Jane Wood // 35

"Danny's online coaching is amazing and I am so glad I found him! I like training on my own but needed help knowing what to do. Now I have a program to follow which gets updated regularly and Danny is there to keep me focused."

Jo Adams // 33

We are in this together 

Kickstart 12 is not a predesigned 'one size fits all' program with the same workouts for everyone.  Once we complete our free coaching call and I better understand your individual needs, I will build you your workouts, habit related goals, lifestyle and activity related challenges all bespoke within my personalised training app, which is available on all platforms. 

I am then here personally to help encourage, support and coach you along in the process to make sure you don't feel alone and have someone here to show you what to do and help keep you accountable to the program. 

On my Kickstart 12 program you essentially have your own real life personal trainer in your pocket. Someone who genuinely cares about your needs and wants to see you succeed.


Post-natal problems? Let's fix them   

If you have had children you may know the fear and embarrassment of stress incontinence. Perhaps your abdominals separated during pregnancy (diastasis recti) and you don't know how to get them back. Maybe pregnancy left you with a little tummy paunch that you feel conscious of, or perhaps you never lost your baby weight and feel now it's an impossible task. 

Have no fear, I am here to help. The Kickstart 12 program is designed to help mums like you solve problems like this.

As part of my skill-set I hold qualifications in sports therapy and ante & post natal care. In addition, I have over twenty five years experience of coaching mums 1-2-1 and have solved all the problems I mentioned above (and many more I didn't). Rest assured, you are in good hands. 

Time constraints & busy Lives   

One of the biggest hurdles I hear from the ladies I train is the lack of time to do anything for 'me'.  The Kickstart 12 program isn't designed to be yet another chore to add to the list. This is something just for you, and that's  important. With that in mind I've designed Kickstart 12 to easily integrate into your life.

The habits we create will be one at a time, and easy to master. Your workouts can be short, but effective.  I can create workouts with no need for kit that you can do anywhere and at any time... In the park while baby is sleeping or on your lunch break while away from your desk. 

All workouts can be easily moved around in the accountability schedule within my app so you can completely adapt the program around your life. 

Personal trainer in your pocket   

My Kickstart 12 program is delivered to you via my exclusive 1-2-1 coaching app.  All your workouts, habit tools, accountability schedule, reminders and measuring tools are in in one, encrypted and secure place. 

With this in mind, you can workout anywhere, at anytime you wish.  Nice sunny day? Exercise in the garden on the park. Have a work trip coming up? You can take the program with you with no need to disrupt your 12 week commitment to the program. 

In addition, when you complete tasks within the app (like a workout for example) I can see when you have done it and what you have recorded to keep you accountable and to offer you professional feedback. 

The app is super easy to use with a clean and user friendly interface and is available on all Apple & Android devices.  You can even access via your desktop web browser too if a bigger screen works best for you. 

Getting you started on your 12 week challenge

Start Your Kickstart 12


Getting started is often the most challenging time. I encourage my clients to commit to a 12 week program to properly build habits and consistency.

 On the Kickstart 12 program we will start with small, achievable challenges which will integrate into your life easily and effectively to leave you feeling happier long term. 

Build Healthier Food Habits

I coach my clients to transform their bodies based on food habits & behavioural change. Master one simple challenge at a time for long term success.

Stay Motivated & Consistent 

My app allows me to create scheduled tasks for you to perform at an agreed time. This will keep you on track, knowing what to do and when. 

Build Strength & Confidence

We will start at a pace you feel comfortable with and gradually build up over time. Perfect for beginners or those who are unsure of what they can do.  

Help, Support & Guidance 

In addition to being a text or email away, I will check in with you weekly to ensure you are sticking to your plan and to offer you professional and helpful feedback. 

An introduction to my online coaching client journey

Step 1: FREE Coaching Call: Let's Get Aquainted 

To help you get started, my client  journey starts with a free, friendly and helpful chat, either face to face online or on the phone. Let's begin to get to know each other and properly determine what your goals are.  From there we can create a plan suitable to your lifestyle to get you started off on your Kickstart 12 fitness journey. 

Step 2: Online Assessment & Program Creation

Once we have decided to move forward, our first step is an online assessment. We can meet via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp Video messenger where I will ask you to perform a series of simple exercises to assess how your body moves and what type of exercises you need as part of your personalised program. 

Once your Kickstart 12 package is built (within 24 hours), your 12 weeks officially begin! I ask for payment up front to secure your booking but your 12 weeks don't actually start until your program is delivered. I like to offer you the full value of the 12 week experience (which means I essentially do your assessment and program creation for free). 

Step 3: Start Achieving Results

I will provide you with 24 hour remote support (email or text).  In addition, I will 'check in' with you each week as part of monitoring your progress and keeping you motivated. This can be a quick call, video chat or text, depending on your individual needs. 


What my clients are saying...

(Facebook Reviews Rating)

"I hired Danny to help me lose weight after I thought it was impossible. He was kind, empathetic and understood my problems. He is a great listener and now I have lost nearly 2 stone in the last two months. I am so grateful for his help." 

Janet Bowman // 44

"Danny has been online coaching me  online now for 6 months via his app & weekly check ins. He is amazing! Super reliable and keeps me accountable without being a taskmaster.  In six months I've lost 2 1/2 stone so far. Thank you!!"

Sandra Davies // 42

"I've never been into the gym so Danny's online coaching is perfect. I do his hybrid package with the live online classes linked with building new food habits which he coaches me with on. I've now lost the belly and got some muscle! Amazing!!"

Jane Mitchell // 28

Kickstart 12 program prices

Get started today and if you are not fully satisfied within 14 days I will give you your money back!
  • Bespoke 12 week fitness program for ladies & mums
  • Feel body confident in or out of clothes
  • 1-2-1 professional coaching & support
  • Special price for long term 'maintenance' clients

12 Week Coaching Package - Option 1


One off payment

12 Week Coaching Package - Option 2


3 x monthly payments on Direct Debit

Ongoing Maintenance Package (after 12 weeks)


Monthly Direct Debit

No obligation, FREE coaching call  

The Kickstart 12 program is a 1-2-1 experience with me personally coaching you through the twelve week process.  Before we get started  we need to get aquatinted! 

I offer a FREE 20 minute coaching call where we can briefly discuss your individual needs so I can get an idea of the type of workouts and tools you may need within the program. It also means you can ask me any questions you may have and get to know me a little better. 

Rest assured I'm not a 'salesman' and the coaching call is literally to begin building a relationship & rapport and to explain the program in a bit more detail. If you feel the Kickstart 12 experience isn't for you, you are under no obligation to move forward.  

If you do decide to get started, I offer a full money back guarantee if you are unhappy within the first 14 days of the program.    

YES! I would like to book my FREE 20 minute coaching call

Leave us your details in our contact box and we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your message to arrange your FREE coaching call & to help you get started in creating your new health & fitness plan.  

If you prefer us to call or text you, please leave your phone number in the message box area.

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