Bespoke Personalised Programmes, Postural Correction, Weight Loss, Nutrition Support

Hi, I'm Danny

I am a South East London based Fitness Professional with over 20 years experience in helping people achieve their goals. 

I hold qualifications in Sports Therapy in addition to Personal Training which makes my skillset rather unique as a fitness professional.  I specialise in postural correction and pain relief which can be caused by muscle imbalances in the body. 

In addition I am also a qualified Nutrition Coach and can help provide you with the necessary help and support you need with your food intake to help you with long term weight loss and transforming your body shape. 

I co-own ADAPPT Personal Training Solutions, an exclusive 1-2-1 studio in Lee, South East London where I work exclusively with my personal training clients.  After many years of freelancing, my business partner and I opened a small studio in 2007 to train our clients in.  Ten years on in September 2017 we upgraded our facility to a 2,200 square foot, two floor studio to take our business to the next level.  

I also run a 8 week Body Transformation Programme entitled 'Lose It for Life'.  The course is geared around nutrition and most importantly, behavioural change workshops to ensure your attitude and relationship with eating changes not just in the short term, but permanently. Lets face it, most people know what foods are bad for them, but eat them anyway! The Programme is a way of reprogramming those negative habits to ensure long term weight loss.  

What I Do

  • Lose It for Life Body Transformation Programme
  • Bespoke 1-2-1 Personal Training
  • Physical Therapy to assist muscular pain relief
  • Nutrition support
  • Group Training (4-6 people) sessions on request


 - Do you wish you had better body confidence? 

 - Are you constantly trying to shift those extra few pounds that NEVER seem to disappear? 

 - Try repeatedly to kickstart your healthy eating and fitness but always give up?

 - Understand healthy eating but can't leave 'bad' foods alone? 

This January 2018 I am launching an 8 week course to show you how YOU can transform your body FOR GOOD.  Do you think Athletes diet and starve themselves? No, and they look AMAZING! I have used my 20 years experience in training and nutrition to write a programme designed to teach you how to eat for fat loss without 'dieting' or constantly feeling hungry.  

From Wednesday January 17th 2017, you have the opportunity to learn the most effective ways to use food to burn fat and to kick start your fitness plan off in a way that will last, long after the programme ends.  

Lose It For Life Body Transformation Programme

  • Weekly 1 hour workshop to learn the most effective food, exercise and lifestyle methods to burn fat forever
  • Weekly 45 minute specially designed High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) group workout to both tone muscle and accelerate fat loss
  • Lose It For Life Ebook guide to help support you before and after the programme ends
  • Meal Plans
  • Professionally designed home / gym workouts to support your transformation journey
  • Lose It For Life Facebook Community Page to offer support, share stories and successes
  • Email support

Exclusive 1-2-1 Venue - ADAPPT Personal Training Solutions


Exclusive. Professional. Experienced.

My Personal Training Studio in Lee, South East London is situated in the heart of Blackheath, Kidbrooke Village and Lewisham.  

We boast a 2,200 square foot, exclusive training venue with private shower facilities for your comfort.  We offer a towel service if you chose to shower or sweat towels for working out with.  

We have a small waiting area if you are early for your session and offer complimentary tea, coffee and fruit juices to all of our clients who visit us.  

Once you arrive, your trainer promises you 100% attention to help motivate, support and encourage you through your workout.